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Jim and Starr Mitchell rescued Winnie Richman and a baby cat she was trying to get up to the mountain to its mother. They gave it a whole bottle of calf milk replacer, for which it was very grateful. The cat’s mother had gone dry, so she didn’t claim it. Jim and Starr took it home with them and will raise it for future use.

Tracy Petit, Gary’s son, and Tracy’s son Ryan came to Gary’s home along with Starr and Jim and Starr’s brother Patrick to begin cleaning up Gary’s trees for the year ahead. The process took them a good portion of the day, but they did get the job finished.

Jim then mowed Gary’s grass to help get ready for the family’s Easter party and hotly contested croquet game.

Jim and Starr have also been working in their own yard. They have fertilized their grassy area and dug about their garden plots. They discovered places where deer had eaten off the emerging green of several daffodils.

The Mitchells have several outside cats. These have been very good at catching and eating voles and mice. In the cold winter months, Starr lays straw wherever she sees places the cats like to sleep. They even made it through this last, very cold winter without needing extra care.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen have been helping a son from Salt Lake City move up to their quilting cottage. He will mostly be in the loft of that building. He has gotten his microwave installed and is feeling right at home now. Orson termed the move “a little here and a little there until it is all accomplished.”

Orson says the horses he’s been training are now returned to their owners. He says “spring work is upon me.” He will harrow, plow and weed, as the needs arise. He says it’s nice to have the time he needs for these things.

Laura Wheatley and some of her daughters returned books to the Bookmobile and checked out more for the family to read or have read to them.

Kyra Wheatley, after the labor and pain of cutting teeth, is now back at it again. She is cutting another tooth, and is crotchety and ornery again. All hope the process will be short-lived.

Ruby had an appointment with the eye doctor. She does not need glasses. Laura is very glad about that.

On Saturday, the whole Wheatley family went to the Natatorium. Laura says it takes the whole family to be sure everyone is safe. Georgia can swim now, and Ruby just needs practice. Kyra seems to take to the water just like a water baby, but she still needs constant watching. Having gotten wet once this year, all are clamoring to go back again every day.

Winnie Richman remembers last week as very busy. She was in town several times, or on the telephone.

Winnie is very grateful to Richard Nicholas and Cody Ellis for coming Friday afternoon to get the cows and their calves on the mountain pasture. She will still have to give them hay, but not as often. They appear satisfied with the growing green grass. “We still need lots of rain,” Winnie says.

Church on Sunday was very relaxing.

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