First of all, I would like to give a heads up to the work on 8800 West. I know you keep hearing about this from me. I also know it is common sense that no children should be riding any sort of motor vehicle on the road, but especially when there are road trucks bringing in gravel, smoothing it and working on it. Those large trucks cannot see children riding and dodging around them.

We are only half finished with this work and we need everyone’s help to keep it safe until it is finished. Parents, please watch your children. It is dangerous! The sheriff’s department has been notified and will also be watching more closely. Thanks for you help.

While we are on the subject of roads, the patch on the lane is in the process of being finished. Please be careful as you cross that asphalt patch. Remember, we all wanted this work to be finished.

Grant and I took a short drive the other day, and I could not believe how everything grows when it rains and rains and rains. It is green and it is beautiful, but it is sure growing. Across the fields, lawns or through the desert it is so green. It seems we have so many more weeds this summer along our south fence. I even used weed killer last year, but I guess it got washed away. Some of the weeds were three, I kid you not, three feet tall!

Such a different beginning to summer in Utah. I can hardly keep up with our lawn. Last week it took me all day just to mow the front lawn. I guess I really am getting old! We had a young man mow it yesterday and it took him 20 minutes (enough said).

I just wanted to mention that whoever has been mowing the park is doing a great job. Around the bulletin board coming into town looks great! I saw him mowing yesterday, and he took his time and it looked great when finished. The park also looks green this year. Maybe that’s also because of the rain. The parks department did get a new mower, and I am sure that is a help.

“Happy Birthday,” Antonia Sanchez!

Glad to see a new Facebook page called Portage Moms. News of activities, like meeting at the park on certain days for children to play and moms to visit, and passing along other news of Portage and happenings. Good idea!

A reminder to all of Portage about the rules of using the burn pile: There is a sign posted that should remind all of us what does and does not go in the pile. It says “NOTICE: THIS IS NOT A GARBAGE DUMP.”

Allowable items include lawn clippings, trimmings from trees and shrubs, leaves and burnable yard debris. Prohibited items include household garbage, trees or limbs greater than eight inches in diameter, anything with nails, metal and dirt. Anything not specified above is not allowed, and there is a $100 fine for violating these rules.

At one time, the burn pile was locked because Portage citizens did not abide by these rules. Let’s not go back to that situation. At this time, the county is dumping dirt, cement and other pipe and debris that will be removed during the road project and when it is completed.

Have a great week!

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