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Orson and Jeannette Poulsen drove to Denver. They left on Thursday. On the way, they visited the Wyman Museum. Orson says it is an “amazing place.” It was recommended to them by friend Eli Anderson. While there, they met and spoke with Mr. Wyman himself. “He is a very alert and interesting gentleman,” Orson told Winnie.

While in Denver, the couple visited Jeannette’s son and grandson. They also went to the Coliseum that houses the huge Denver stock show. They saw a coin show there. The owner buys and sells coins of all kinds.

After the coin exhibition, they visited the Molly Brown house. This house is owned by the woman of “The Unthinkable Molly Brown” fame. The house is very large and three stories high. This lady was not only famous for surviving the sinking of the Titanic, but also was politically active.

The Poulsens spent two days going to Denver. They came home in one long, 12-hour drive.

Jim and Starr Mitchell’s garden is mostly done for the year. The tomatoes, however, are still flourishing. Starr did a case of them last week. Jim has been working on the rest of the garden to get it ready for next year.

Gabriella and Madalynn, the Mitchell’s granddaughters, are doing great. Starr took them again to the dinosaur park and museum. They had only half a day that day at school. Starr gave them some quarters to get pellets to feed the fishes. The girls not only love to feed the fishes, but also love the interactive voices at each stop. They are still a little shy with the huge dinosaur statues. However, they are always excited to go there with Starr.

Boyd Udy is still receiving calves at the ranch. He says the cows will come later. He hopes it will be closer to the first of November.

Jessica and Kynzee are looking forward to one more show with their horses.

Boyd says the fencing on the ranch is done for this year. Even the gates have been hung. He is very happy to have it done.

Boyd says things in town are going good, too. Both in town and at the ranch, preparations are going good for the coming winter. He comments the fall trees on our land here at Promontory are really pretty — lots of reds.

Laura Wheatley says daughter Everly spent her birthday last week with some friends at the movies. This was instead of a party. They were taken by Zane to the new Addams Family movie. He said he enjoyed it. There was just enough gentle adult humor to keep his interest.

Laura, too, is still canning tomatoes. These she turned into juice. She feels she is now done with tomatoes.

Laura’s PTA job is going well. She is working on the Halloween party for the end of the month. She says she is grateful for all the help and suggestions she is being offered.

The Wheatley family enjoyed General Conference at home. Sunday evening, they drove to Zane’s sister Maquel’s home for a Sunday birthday party to celebrate the whole family’s fall birthdays.

On Thursday, Sept. 30, Cody Ellis and several other cowboys rounded up Winnie Richman’s calves and cows and weaned the calves. They had to rope on of the calves to get it into the corral. They did real good. Winnie is also grateful for Jim and Starr Mitchell’s help.

Monday, Winnie, Steve Petersen and Russell Boyer and his son loaded the calves and hauled them to the Willard Livestock Auction. They sold well on Tuesday. Winnie thanks Jerry Anderson and Richard Holmgren for their inestimable help in this endeavor. Selling her calves is one of Winnie’s high points of the year.

Thursday, Winnie attended the viewing and funeral of Jean Jensen.

Saturday and Sunday, Winnie watched General Conference. She only missed three of the great talks due to visiting with son Aaron when he came to report he had fed the cows and watered the bulls. Winnie is always willing to visit with her children and their families.

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