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The Zane Wheatley family took off on their vacation to Rexburg, Idaho. Just before they entered Yellowstone National Park, they stopped at a place called the Bear-Wolf Discovery Center. This center has birds, river otters, bears and wolves. The family spent half a day there. The kids hid food for the bears after the bears had been taken out, then they left the enclosure and watched as the bears came back and searched for the food. Bears’ ability to smell is better than other animals.

After leaving the Bear-Wolf Discovery Center, the family drove into Yellowstone. They loved seeing Old Faithful erupt, especially when the earth shook just before eruption. They were close enough to get some mist on them. It wasn’t hot. They then saw all the other geysers. While it rained like crazy, they visited a gift shop.

After seeing Yellowstone, the family headed home by way of Idaho Falls, Idaho. After Idaho Falls, the Wheatleys stopped at a rest area in Blackfoot and walked around some lava rocks. There were information plaques at many stopping points. Then they all came home.

The second half of their week, Laura’s sister Betty had a birthday party. All had fun. Laura says “It was a good week; we all had a lot of fun.”

Starr Mitchell took her two granddaughters, Gabi and Madi, to the Eccles Dinosaur Park in Ogden. She says the girls never get tired of this park. They took lots of quarters to buy food for the huge trout and the ducks. Gabi knows her fish, even the difference between different kinds of trout. While they were there, a beautiful swan came over to them to get some of the food pellets. The girls giggled at the noise the swan’s nibbling made as it ate the pellets.

Starr then took the girls inside to see some of the bones and fossils of the animals. Some of the bones were assembled and looked like the animals.

Madi had her fourth birthday last week. The girls’ parents took them to the aquarium in Salt Lake City to celebrate. They saw sharks, penguins, butterflies, and a sea turtle that was really fast in the water.

With all the activities at home and with her granddaughters, Starr still had time to make three batches of salsa from their garden produce. She and Jim said it was really delicious.

Boyd Udy and friends are still fencing at the ranch. Boyd says he is trying to get ready for the Box Elder County Fair. The draft horse part of the fair will be on Aug. 23. Boyd’s daughter Jessica will drive his team in one of the classes.

Winnie Richman is relieved to notice a slightly lower temperature and a gentle breeze to accompany it this week. She turned another year older last week. She received many cards and telephone calls to make her day special.

Ben and Don Adams brought their good horses to the Double S Bar Ranch on Monday to get Winnie’s three bulls separated from the cows to prevent late calves next spring. “There is no money in late calves,” Winnie says. She also says a grateful “Thank You” to them. Their sons watched their fathers do a wonderful job. “It sure didn’t take them very long!” Winnie says. She also thinks the bulls were glad to be in a corral with some shade and plenty of good hay and water.

On Wednesday, Winnie’s sister and brother in law, Pam and Jack Apodaca, took her out to breakfast at Denny’s in Tremonton for her birthday. She will take them to Denny’s for Jack’s birthday at the end of the month.

Winnie expresses great thanks to son Aaron for his help all winter, and this past Tuesday in feeding the cows and calves hay. He also can be counted on to place extra bales when needed to the bulls and one horse. Many times he brings wife April to talk with Winnie and help him, too. She is a jewel!

Another birthday “present” Winnie received was the good news that her physical therapy had done its job and she wouldn’t need any more sessions.

Winnie had a good telephone visit with longtime friend Kathy Burns to wish her a happy birthday and get caught up on her doings since she moved from Tremonton. All is well with her and her family.

On Saturday, Winnie had a wonderful birthday lunch at Denny’s with friends Marie Roche, Melanie Young, Marla Anderson and Larene Thompson. Conversation was interesting, and the meal, thanks to Melanie, was delicious.

Winnie has been released from her library calling, and now gets to all her meetings on Sunday. She is still in the choir and loves to sing with them.

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