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Former Promontory resident Joycle Poulsen, now of Syracuse, hosted her annual family Easter party on Saturday, April 17. There were approximately 50 members of her family in attendance. Accounted as family members were also friends and hired hands.

The meal included hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, and lots of salads and desserts. Some of these items were assigned; others were just contributed. Many games were played, and an Easter egg hunt divided into age groups was a popular choice of activity. The weather was perfect and there was no wind. Many gracious comments came Joycle’s way throughout the day.

Orson Poulsen says the quilting cottage is almost finished. He and Jeannette are planning the open house to be held soon. The couple will put the exact time and date in the newspapers.

Laura Wheatley says the big thing of last week’s activities was the PTA activity at school in Garland. Laura helped with it since she has three daughters involved there. The school is called “Bear River University.” There were many sports, cheerleading, and decorating cookies among the offered activities. Birdhouse building was also offered, and painting.

The day before the PTA party, the kindergarteners had a party of their own, also called “Bear River University.” Their lunch was called a picnic lunch. Officers from the Garland police and fire departments attended and gave information on what their jobs entailed, and answered questions. The weather was calm except for a sprinkle of rain. Laura says all her family is well and active.

Boyd Udy and friends branded calves Friday and Saturday. Boyd’s daughter Jessica and her daughter Kynzee came and really helped, too.

Boyd says his son Tyrell and his family are doing good up in Montana. Tyrell has been promoted to a manager in his area for Kenworth trucking company. This promotion will provide him more time to spend at home.

Jim and Starr Mitchell have just been to Gabi and Madi’s home to take care while mom Ashley works. All have enjoyed the fun.

Jim and Starr’s chicks and turkey poults are doing great and getting more feathers all the time. They should be good eating when they get bigger. The chicks are the Cornish Rock breed, so they will grow fast.

April 12, Monday was Winnie Richman’s youngest grandson’s birthday. He celebrated his 16-year event as school and with his father that evening at home. He is Brantzen Richman, and always brings a cheerful voice to Winnie’s ear when she calls him. Winnie tried to celebrate as she watched the Jazz lose by four points that evening.

Tuesday, Winnie had an early doctor appointment but, knowing she would be “done up” when she arrived home, called Jim Mitchell to see if he would do night chores and watering for her. He did wonderfully well and Winnie was very grateful. So were all the animals. That night, Winnie watched another Jazz game. They won by 10 points.

Thursday, Winnie took her fifth-wheel livestock trailer up to Richard Nicholas’s Promontory worksite in back of Carol Larsen’s home so he could put a new floor over the old one. Jim and Starr Mitchell helped her hook the trailer up, and Cody Ellis unhooked it for her up there. These are things Winnie can do, but she is evermore grateful for any help she can get to do them. Winnie says “I am still a chick, but the ‘spring’ has disappeared quite some time ago.”

Early Friday and Saturday were Jazz games, which Winnie watched avidly. The wonderful Jazz lost by 12 points Saturday, but won by eight points on Friday. The Saturday game went into overtime.

Sunday, Winnie attended stake conference at her home ward in Thatcher’s chapel. It was very informative. Due to all kinds of electronic devices that members could employ at their homes, there were only 29 or 30 people present in the Thatcher chapel, but the spirit was strong. Winnie enjoyed the two hours there, then came home and took a nap before chores.

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