The time for voters to cast their ballots is upon us. Time to choose those who will guide and develop the rules and regulations for Corinne City for years to come. It is essential citizens of Corinne City take time and vote. In such a small community as this is, candidates can win or lose by the smallest of fractions — sometimes a single vote or two makes the difference.

Unfortunately the time has passed for citizens to meet and talk with candidates personally and learn individual views and dreams for Corinne City. Meet the Candidates Night was held on Oct. 22. Attendance was at best, sparse. At last head count, citizens living in the “subdivision” were conspicuously absent save one individual. Please take the time to cast ballots at city hall, or mail them.

Candidates Karen Caldwell, Kelly Donovan and Irene Jensen presented their speeches and then fielded questions from the audience. Caldwell told those in attendance she would not vote on any issue until she fully understood the problem and the consequences that could follow.

Donovan spoke concerning the fire department and first responder issues facing the city as well as traffic. If re-elected, he promised to be there for the citizens of Corinne.

Jensen promised to become familiar with city ordinances and how they would be enforced. She also voiced concern on how money would be raised for expansion of the fire department. Speeding is a law enforcement issue, not the city’s, she said. City money needed for any further traffic control could be used in other places.

All the candidates encouraged more citizens to attend city council meetings and learn about issues for themselves. Public comment is welcomed.

Halloween Parade at Century School will be held Oct. 31 at school. Students will begin at 9 a.m. parading within the school and all grades will end up outside, where parents and onlookers will be able to enjoy all the ghosts and princesses and Marvel characters.

Trunk or Treat will be held around Corinne School Halloween evening beginning at 6 p.m. Watch out the next day for all those sugared up kids.

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