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And a New Year stretches out before us. What will we fill it with? Hopefully health and charity. Maybe a new mask?

Congratulations to Colleen and Whitney Young, who celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary recently. Blair Holmes was released from his position of ward clerk in the First Ward. Cody Norman will be taking the reins.

The community offers condolences to Janis Nimori and family and Ken Givens and his family on the loss of their mother, JoDeen Dykeman.

There is a good deal of construction going on in the church. With no confirmation of the why and wherefores, rumor has it that there is an elevator being installed and rooms reconfigured. Can’t wait for the final result.

Thanks to all community members who unfailingly give support and comfort to those around them, particularly during this Christmas season. Corinne is a great place to live and thrive. No matter whose cows get out, there is help with rounding them up (through snow, mud and fences).

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