“Thank you” seems inadequate to express admiration and gratitude to all those involved in the activities of last week’s celebration of the 150 years of the Golden Spike and the 150 year celebration of the founding of Corinne City.

Always so fun to see neighbors and friends up on stage sharing talents. Food was delicious, snacks great and atmosphere out of this world. We can all take a deep breath and say we did it!

Here is a list of the high school seniors in our area: Autumn Allen, Jennifer Baker, Kaysen Bingham, Dylan Bodily, Mike Davis, Kayla Edelman, Natashia Gibby, Kellen Golightly, Hunter Higgins, Kendal Hubbard, Jace Liljenquist, Aaron Rutherford, Chock Tracy, Josie Whitaker, Gregg Wilding. Congratulations on your determination and work.

Box Elder High School graduation ceremony will be Tuesday, May 28, 6:00 pm at the Dee Events Center at Weber State University in Ogden. Bear River High School graduation ceremony will be 7:00 pm, Thursday, May 30, at Utah State University in Logan.

City clean up begins today through Monday the 20th. Help keep Corinne clean and tidy.

At the recent city council meeting, discussion was centered on the budget for this year and for next year. Mayor Brett Merkley announced there would not be any new projects for next year and focus will be on finishing up this years’ projects. On the docket will be finishing the Colorado and North ditch piping and new boxes to improve the irrigation controlled there.

Also planned will be finishing the Fire House project. Instead of new projects, the next year will be one of saving for the construction of a city shed where maintenance can be done on city equipment and items can be parked out of the elements, a really big “want and need” addition to the city.

Council members decided to not purchase a new truck or a new lawn mower this year. Hopefully they will last a few more years with careful management and upkeep on normal wear and tear.

New fiscal year begins July 1 for the city. The budget will remain basically the same as this years’. The budget will include the expectation of more revenue through new construction, impact fees, and income tax shares as Phase 3 of the subdivision is well underway. There will be the cost of having an election in the fall and the firemen need some new equipment.

A Public Hearing will be held within the next few weeks where citizens can get more information on the city finances.

Bill Lichfield passed away last week. Condolences are offered to his family.

Butch and Margie Mills recently celebrated 50 years of marriage with an open house party. Corinne Second Ward welcomed a new baby last week with the blessing of the baby boy named Cody Charlesworth. Mom and Dad are Marcus and Sarah Charlesworth.