Did Georgia Wheatley say, “Ow?” No. Big sister Everly insisted on holding her hand throughout the ear piercing procedure in Tremonton last week. It was the fulfillment of her birthday present from her parents. She will have to wear the same pair of earrings for six weeks to ensure the piercing holes will not close back up again. The procedure was over really fast while Laura and the other sisters watched.

An aside: Everly finally got to wear another pair of earrings after her six weeks. To keep the holes clean, both young ladies washed with a disinfectant every night.

On Friday, Georgia had a birthday party with five friends here at Promontory. All the girls rode the school bus to the bus stop where Laura picked them up and brought them the rest of the way home.

At first the kids played with El O’Driscoll’s friendly puppies, which are about twelve weeks old. The rest of the party consisted of playing games and eating pizza. All had fun, even Ruby and Kate, who were invited to play, too. The parents came out to pick their children up.

Due to some slight ill health, Orson Poulsen didn’t do too much last week. He is better now.

Jeanette Poulsen did join friends at Marie Roche’s home for some additional crocheting lessons and lots of happy conversation. Jeanette says she really looks forward to Fridays at Marie’s. Both Orson and Jeanette were at church on Sunday.

Boyd Udy is still driving Elsa and Anna. They are doing well. He will be called to push snow when it arrives. This is definitely less fun than pushing cattle at a horse show!

Tuesday Winnie Richman had the pleasure of talking with grandson Caden Lott and wishing him a happy birthday.

Wednesday was Winnie and good friend Carolyn Carter’s last day at art class until Jan. 8, 2020. Carolyn finished her art project and signed it. Winnie got her canvas all prepared last week with the background of the blue skies. This week she tried hard to put the outlines on in graphite color (gray). She may have to redo it at her next art class, due to the fact it didn’t show up very well. The basic outline is very important for accuracy. After art the friends stopped at McDonald’s for Hot ‘N Spicy McChicken sandwiches and glasses of cool water to go with them. From time to time the sandwiches are very spicy and the cool water helps.

Wednesday evening Kori Valencourt, Winnie’s sister’s daughter, called to see how Winnie’s other sister, Pam Apodaca, was doing. “Pam is doing very well and all hope she will get to come home soon,” Winnie told Kori. Kori’s husband Ed also joined the conversation. Winnie enjoyed that call!

Thursday Winnie went to see Dr. Paul Clayton about the pain in her right heel. An X-ray confirmed the presence of a spur. However, the doctor, a podiatrist, said he felt the spur was not the cause of Winnie’s pain. He showed her a picture of the plantar fascia and said she must do exercises at least twice a day, preferably more often, to loosen the muscle of tension. She must be sure to do both feet. “It will take a while,” he said. “Thank you, Dr. Clayton,” Winnie says.

Friday Winnie attended the moving funeral services for her dear friend Lori Nicholas. The tributes were wonderful.

Saturday the rutabagas for Winnie’s Thanksgiving meal were newly arrived at Kent’s Grocery Store in Brigham City. She finished chores and rushed right in.

Sunday Winnie was in library after Sacrament Meeting. Choir practice was great. The choir was well led by Melanie Young and ably accompanied by Debbie Hadman. All worked hard to get it just right. “Of course, we will also keep practicing,” Winnie says. Winnie is unsure whether this song will be performed the second Sunday in December, or as part of the Christmas Program on Dec. 22.

Sunday afternoon, while it was still relatively warm, Aaron and April came out to help Winnie with chores. Aaron did several other things for Winnie, and then went pheasant hunting. He bagged a beautiful rooster while Winnie and April sat and chatted. Then, after showing the ladies his catch, all had a fun conversation.

Winnie had an early dinner, planned the rest of her Thanksgiving meal and went to bed early.

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