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Boyd Udy reports Kris Udy is getting lots of support and backers for her campaign for Box Elder County Commissioner. She would enjoy having your support, too.

The Udy family’s chariot racing will end at the world finals this weekend, March 21-22, and next weekend, March 28 and 29. We hope the family will have good luck, sound horses at the end, and safety all the way. Boyd will help with heading the horses to the starting gate, and one of his great horse Crocker’s offspring. Boyd says he is “enjoying this wonderful spring weather!”

Laura Wheatley and family entertained her parents for lunch on Wednesday. It was her father Denis Hendricks’ birthday. During this day, he and Zane did some target shooting.

For their primary activity day on Wednesday, Everly and Georgia did some cake decorating. Each brought her cake home to eat and share with family members. This activity was for ages eight years and older.

The family of youngsters and Laura are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Bookmobile soon.

After sacrament meeting on Sunday, the Promontory Wheatleys traveled to the home of Zane’s parents for Zane’s dad’s birthday brunch. Mr. Wheatley had the pleasure of cooking it all!

Jim Mitchell went fishing with a friend and caught two lovely channel catfish. Starr cooked them for dinner. They were delicious.

The Mitchells dug holes, filled them with water, let the ground absorb the water, then carefully planted their recently purchased trees, put the dirt around the roots and packed it firmly. They didn’t want to hamper the roots from spreading, but did need to be sure the roots had good access to the soil’s minerals and growth needs without the drying effects of air. Starr says they still need to put fences around the trees to protect them from deer damage. In addition to planting the young trees, Jim and Starr cleared up the broken limbs from trees ravaged by the Thanksgiving season’s heavy snowfall. Although it was sweaty work, the couple was grateful for the cool spring breezes.

Granddaughter Gabriella Mitchell has been laboring with putting her latest ideas on leprechaun traps into reality. Last year, that crafty old fellow left her a note. It said “Ha ha. I ate all your candy … see you next year!”

Madalynn Mitchell is doing good with her colors, numbers and letters. Both girls are excited to have their trampoline put up in their yard at home.

Jeanette Poulsen drove to Salt Lake City to visit family members, especially her grandsons.

Orson has begun working on his quilting cottage. He is working on roughing in the plumbing. This means he has not yet got the fixtures, just the setting in of pipes, etc. He says it will take several more days. Orson says thank you to Steve Peterson for getting him started, lending him some tools and some very good help.

On Monday, Winnie Richman needed some help feeding her cows, young replacement heifers and fat steers. Son Aaron and his friend Dennis Olsen came and did it all for her. They did good. “Thank you, Aaron and Dennis,” Winnie says gratefully.

Tuesday, Winnie had an appointment with Dr. Heninger to see if he could relieve the pain in her right heel. He took X-rays and confirmed Winnie’s fears that the pain was caused by a bone spur. He said the tissue was bruised and needed a shot for that. He also gave her a heel brace to wear to keep the pressure off the spur. So far, it worked. “Thank you, Dr. Heninger,” Winnie says gratefully.

Tuesday evening, Winnie took a huge lasagna, tossed salad and a German chocolate cake to Aaron’s home to celebrate his birthday with his family. All had a great time.

Wednesday, great friend Carolyn Carter and Winnie went to art class in Clearfield. They were successful in working to further their painting projects. Both are eager to finish.

Saturday, Winnie and her children met in Brigham City with Winnie’s realtor to discuss several aspects on selling the ranch. It was a good, informative meeting.

Sunday, Winnie had choir practice before sacrament meeting at church. It seems very early due to daylight savings time beginning. The choir sang in sacrament meeting between two of the speakers. “Oh, How Lovely Was the Morning!” was the name of the song. It turned out very well with the increasingly talented conductor, Melanie Young, and our very talented piano player, Deb Hudman.

Home, chores, dinner and early to bed to let daylight savings catch up to her ended Winnie’s day.

There is a new and terrible virus going around. It is referred to as coronavirus. Health care professionals call it COVID-19. Rather than dwell on all the disruptions it has caused, this writer feels that knowing a little more about it is important.

If you have coughing with a high fever, difficulty breathing or other flu-like symptoms, call your doctor. There are other flus about that are not COVID-19. Your doctor will tell you what to do next.

Some precautions one can take: If you have symptoms, limit your contact with others (and if they have symptoms, avoid them). Cover your nose and mouth if you are about to sneeze or cough. Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth unless you have to. Wash your hands with hand soap or disinfectant soap or liquid soap for at least 20 seconds, and try to avoid touching surfaces. The COVID-19 hotline number is (800) 456-7707.

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