Vincent Award

Sgt. Austin Bowcutt of the Box Elder County Sheriff’s Department is the recipient of the first Dennis B. Vincent Crime Victim’s Award.

In honor of the service that Assistant Chief Dennis Vincent provided to citizens and specifically to victims of crime in Box Elder County, the Box Elder County Victims Conference, in conjunction with Assistant Chief Dennis B. Vincent’s family, created the Dennis B. Vincent Crime Victims’ Service Award.

This award recognizes an individual who shows perseverance and determination in aiding and empowering crime victims. The award will acknowledge the recipient’s professionalism, knowledge, skill, and ethical practices in serving crime victims. The honoree will be recognized for using a victim centered approach when providing services and promoting victim rights for all victims of crime, including underserved populations.

The nomination for Bowcutt reads:

“Bowcutt is an amazing guy! I have seen him in action with victims. He is great at listening and developing rapport with the victims. Several of our victims have given a lot of good input on Bowcutt and they really appreciated his involvement on their case. There have been occasions when he has had questions about a case or he has a situation where he feels a victim advocate might handle it better than he could so he will ask us our opinion or he will let us handle the issue. Another thing that I think he might be embarrassed for me sharing is I’ve heard a story where he was out with an advocate doing some detective work and he saw this little girl selling lemonade. He didn’t have any change with him at the time so he came back to Brigham, grabbed some change and drove all the way back out to Tremonton to buy some lemonade from this young entrepreneur! Seriously, what better a guy can you get and if that isn’t service oriented I don’t know what is!”

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