Box Elder County’s two biggest cities, Brigham City and Tremonton, have both been hit hard by recent vehicle burglaries and local law enforcement agencies are warning residents to lock vehicles, roll up windows and keep valuables out of sight.

On Wednesday, May 29, the Tremonton Garland Police Department issued a warning to residents that several vehicles had been stolen in the area with many more burglarized earlier in the week. They noted that Brigham City had also been hit with the same crimes in recent days.

Posting this warning on Facebook helped officers in Tremonton and Garland apprehend an individual the next day, May 30. The department reported that the individual was part of a group that was able to escape before other officers arrived. Using doorbell camera footage, officers were able to positively identify all individuals in that group. They added that the group was armed with at least one handgun.

“These individuals were local and appear to be copycat criminals,” the Tremonton Garland Police Department stated. “We have strong reason to believe that the main group of people doing this are from Weber County and will most likely be returning.”

Authorities are also praising a vigilant citizens for calling in suspicious activity that led to apprehending the group.

“Make sure you are calling in suspicious activity,” they remind citizens.

The department adds that house and car doors should be locked and keys are not to be left in vehicles.

“Most of the vehicles broken into were left unlocked and the stolen vehicles had keys to the vehicles left in them,” the department added.

The thefts all took place in the night time hours.

To report suspicious activity, call dispatch at (435) 734-3800.

“Do not approach or confront suspicious individuals, as the people behind these crimes are believed to be armed. Please just get a location, description and direction of travel and provide that information to dispatch,” the statement added.