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I want to start this week by sharing with you what I have learned this Christmas season — something I should have probably realized way before.

I nearly lost someone that I dearly love, my husband. We have been married for almost 20 years and like most people, we begin to take each other for granted. Christmas is a special time and I was worried about what I was getting from him and also what I should get him. It turns out that I am so grateful that he is still in my life.

I rushed him to the ER Sunday before Christmas and come to find out he had sepsis in his blood and other infection throughout his body. The doctor said that he was one step from death.

The hospital kept him for four days and I brought him home Thursday, the day before Christmas. You know what? I didn’t care what our presents were for each other, but the best present I received was to have him still here with me. I feel like I really learned a great lesson to not take the people that you love, or anyone for that matter, for granted. In a flash of an eye they can be taken away from you. I have lost two sisters in the last three months and the void is real.

People in Portage have stood by us and supported both of us during this time of worry and heartache, giving their time, food, comfort, helping in many ways, calls, and just being there for us.

There was another friend of mine in town that lost her life three days ago. It was a car crash in Ogden and she was gone immediately. I am so sad for her family and the sorrow they feel. Vera Rose also lost a young grandson unexpectedly this past week. So truly, appreciate what we have each day and show love and respect to those around us. I always say that we have family right here in Portage. It doesn’t have to be blood related to be family.

It was interesting that during the time that Grant was in the hospital our septic tank to the basement backed up! It was a learning lesson for me because I had no idea where in the backyard it was and how to get to it. Jason from Grover Excavation came with a tractor hoe and they dug and dug, finally finding it pretty close up to our patio. It took them most of the day. They pumped it out and still the toilet was backed up in the basement. The next day, Mike Norr Plumbing came out and finished clearing out all the drains in the basement. What a relief! Such a simple thing can make such a BIG mess. Now I know that we will have our septic tank in the front done in the spring. I learned to never, never, never put wipes down the toilet. Hard way to learn, right?

We have the BEST snowplow driver in Portage! He was plowing, plowing before Christmas and I am writing this on Dec. 30 and weather channel says we should have snow tomorrow. Mike John is always ready to go and watches the weather to know when, how and why he should go. He calls me when he heads out and I always say to him “Be careful!”

We have a young man in town who, when I needed some help with moving out trash for a senior citizen, was ready to go. I told him I would pick him up when I got back into town and he said “No need, tell me who it is and I will go and take care of it.” As I drove home, I went by the house all was done and he was right, taken care of.

I wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. Let’s make this year better and truly love and appreciate all around us.


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