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The Bear River Canal Company held their annual meeting last week. General manager Trevor Nelson went through the past year’s accomplishments. He also commented on the annual financial review compiled by Wiggins and Associates.

During the meeting, Nelson compared the budget to actual spending. The canal company did well with grant money, he said. Expenditures this year included the hiring of another ditch rider, lawsuits, and the absorption of bad dept expenses. Overall, this year was a banner year in best net income in the company’s history, he stated.

Completed projects this year included the ditch liner in Honeyville for which Nelson thanked Rupp Trucking for their assistance, a good beginning on the master plan for the company, two large boxes in strategic places, handling the large landslide at the Hammond Canal and the central ditch flume.

Nelson had advice for all water users regarding share allotment to others. “Water does not go with the ground,” he said. Be specific in wills and trusts. One cannot will water rights, rather water shares. Price for shares this year will be $25.50.

Canal rebalance is in process with a 36-hour water rotation every five years. The shareholders at the end of the line need their water, also. There should be a full allotment this year although schedule B is ready if it is needed.

Nelson reminded everyone that the company responsibility ends at the gate; your stream is your stream and none will be issued above your allocation. Nelson said he is available to come measure the output at the head gate and adjustments can be made if needed.

Curtis Marble, current president of the board, retires this year. He thanked his wife for handling the farm work when he attended to canal business, and the support of the board members. New board members are Jay Capener and Mitch Hancock.

In other community news, welcome home to Elder Keith Norman, who just returned from his mission in England. He is the son of Kathy and Blake Norman of the First Ward.

Don’t forget to plan a surprise for your favorite Valentine next week. Everybody needs a hug.

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