It seems like The Town of Portage has had its share of meetings during the month of May and June. May 8 was a regular council meeting, and May 14 was a special meeting at the county roads department office for opening bids for road maintenance projects.

May 15 was a special meeting for the Town of Portage Council to approve an asphalt bid for 8800 West. LeGrand Johnson Construction of Cache Valley was unanimously approved to receive the contract. June 12 was a regular council meeting, and June 17 was a finalization meeting for the go ahead of the laying of the asphalt for the 8800 West project.

The budget hearing to approve the Town of Portage fiscal year 2019-2020 budget, and to amend the 2018-2019 budget, was held at the regular council meeting on Wednesday, June 12. Regular business was conducted and then the budget resolution for the new fiscal year was approved by the council.

There was only one nomination for the upcoming election. Now, if there are any other persons that are interested, they must be listed as a write-in vote. If you are interested, please contact Kathryn Munns, Portage clerk, to declare by the Sept. 3.

A pay raise for the Portage clerk was introduced. The council voted to give her the $100 raise, which brings the salary to $500. Councilmember Smith discussed the ongoing road projects. The council was informed that the gravel would be finished being laid by the middle of the next week. LeGrand Johnson was called to see the prospective time the asphalt would begin to be laid. The project was scheduled to begin July 1 and be finished by July 2.

The problem was brought up about children running motorized vehicles up and down 8800 West when the gravel and grader trucks were doing their work. Truckers cannot see the children and were more than worried that they would be hurt. The Box Elder Sheriff’s Office sent out more patrols to make sure all was safe.

Discussion was held to approve funds for the purchase of a new park mower, and the motion passed to move ahead with the purchase.

Councilmember John opened with a discussion of having the town RV ordinance changed, and also a clause for apartments in town. She was also concerned about the Portage water ordinance, and adding a stock water connection section. Mayor Tree said that Tyson Nelson, councilman over water and Cindi Tree, watermaster, will look into this issue and the discussion will continue at the next meeting.

Ed Rogers of Cache Valley was present because he is interested in buying the small lot on the northeast corner of Main and 8800 West at the four-way stop. It was previously listed as commercial and would need to be changed. He was very friendly and glad to meet with the council and members of the community.

Sgt. Bennett warned everyone again of the thefts that are going on in small towns. Please keep your cars locked and especially don’t leave your keys inside. He also reported that there were some cattle loose and grazing where it was not allowed.