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Hoping for moisture, the lawn was fertilized this week. If it doesn’t rain, will the green blades burn up? Why don’t the weeds burn up?

Century School is looking for kindergarten students for next year. If you are the parent of one such youngster, please fill out the registration form, found online, and hopefully there will be a meet-and-greet party soon. The school requires a birth certificate, immunization record and proof of residency prior to the beginning school next fall.

With the new mandates concerning COVID control, the latest topic of conversation among the more mature citizens is, “Have you had your shot?” and “When do you get the second one?” and “How do you feel?” The mask debate is also a popular conversation starter.

Finally got the clocks straightened out. However, green is not my color. Nor am I Irish.

There are new members of the Corinne First Ward who were baptized recently. Those youngsters include Hazen Gerhardt, son of Brennan and Brittany Gerhardt and Masen Meyers, son of Matt and Kim Meyers.

New leadership changes have also been made. New Elders quorum leaders are Doug Young, president with Blake Norman and Adam Hubbard as councilors.

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