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Dogs bark, cats yowl, hens cluck and roosters crow. Corinne citizens want to keep their chickens and made that clear at the recent Corinne City board meeting.

The ordinance states that certain animals may be housed on personal property if the lot is at least one-half acre excluding the house. Danielle Pierce queried whether this included the alley way as she is sharing property to house several animals.

David Gonzalez questioned the $10 fee for chickens, stating he should be able to use his property as he chooses. Councilman Shane Baton maintained that Corinne is a farming community and suggested looking into the ordinance with any changes in mind. Curtis Hansen, Kenneth Phillips, Marcie Greer and Shara Ward all commented on the animal issue.

Joe Shinkle asked about the status of the sewer project. Mayor Brett Merkley explained that phase one will be the use of a camera in all the sewer lines to identify illegal ground drains and collect information. Phase two will replace sewer lines on the north side of town and reline the sewer lines on the south side. This should eliminate infiltration into the lines, he said.

Mayor Merkley chided council members in regard to continuing questions of the city budget, stating that none of these items were brought up when the council went over the budget line by line in previous meetings. He also voiced disappointment in the negative voting last meeting of the council on his request for a $3,100 upgrade item on a $3.5 million-dollar water system that was not approved. If something needs to be done that will protect the system, he said he would go ahead and do it.

Councilwoman Karen Caldwell said she needed more information in order to make a decision on that particular item. Shane Baton agreed, and that was the reason for his negative vote. Caldwell said after the meeting that she called the company and was told the item was a new device and useful, but not critical to the operation of the system.

Caldwell said if it was part of the plan, it should be part of the budget. Mayor Merkley said it was part of the water budget, but he needed council approval as the item cost over his spending threshold.

LaLan Donovan spoke of the time and work city officials spent on behalf of the city, particularly in the office of mayor. She said contention of the council wastes time and while council members didn’t have to agree, there was no reason to be unkind.

Council members thanked all citizens who attended and gave their input to city issues. The work meeting on July 28 regarding the fire department decision was held at the Corinne School at 7 p.m.

A great happening to a wonderful Corinne person — Helen Yamasaki turned 100 years old last week!

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