The Portage Chili Cook-off was a GREAT success! The weather did turn cold and wind started up, so a last minute decision was made to take it, and of course all the people, to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints meetinghouse. It was a lot warmer for the 30 or 40 people from the community who attended. Hot apple cider and water, along with the chili and cornbread, were served for the dinner. A vote was taken for the first, second, third places for the chili and corn bread. Ten different chilis were brought and several corn breads. It was really neat how they choose the winners. Everyone received pencil and paper after dinner and they whole crowd voted for the winners — no favorites!

The winners received an oven mitt filled with gift cards, spoons and other little trinkets. Thomas Market was one of the sponsors. Thanks to all that donated. The kids had a great time also playing games. The first one was one M&M in a pie pan filled with whip cream (must find it with no hands). The second game was to put an Oreo on your forehead and slide it down to your mouth without using your hands, then jars were filled with candy and people guessed the right amount in the jar. It would have been great fun to see some of the adults try to catch the Oreo! The children were given large candy bars for being winners. There was plenty of candy, Oreos and whip cream because others, beside children, got involved in this activity. Tyson Nielsen and wife were in charge of this fun time. Tyson is over parks on the town council.

The Binghams are back from their fun trip to Hawaii! Problem is, they both came back sick with colds, etc. They really had a great time while they were there! Friends in Arizona took care of their little dog family and had a good visit to boot. Lisa called me while they were there and said it was soooo hot. I told her she was lucky, we were freezing in Portage.

My friend, Charlie, is gone for the winter. He now resides in Pahrump, Nevada. Wow, is he a good cook and makes delicious pies! I love being around him! He has a story for everything and really keeps you in stitches.

Angus, Jamie Keons friend, companion, family member, Mastive and so much more has died. He was the most beautiful dog. So friendly! I asked him once if I could take his picture, he looked at me, then turned himself completely around so his rear end was toward the camera. He will certainly be missed, along with his cute personality. I know he was part of their family and I believe they will see him again.

Portage is now missing Alan and Jill Grunvig. They headed back down south when the weather started turning cold. They have been Portage residents for a long time. I am sure that there are a few other couples headed down that way soon. Sure will miss them.

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