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Meandering through Corinne City after dark, there are some awesome yard decorations already in place. Thanks to all who rise to the occasion by lighting up the night from those of us who drive by and love every sparkle.

The Corinne City Council will make their way through the town on December 6 and make some hard choices for first, second and third place decoration winners. Included will be several honorable mentions. So be brave and climb that ladder, hang that bough, blow up that wiggly plastic thing and make Corinne bright during the holiday season.

Thanksgiving break is near. School will not be held the during the Thanksgiving weekend of November beginning the 25th. The next school break will be — hold on to your calendar — Christmas weekend. Coming sooner than expected, as usual.

During the recent Corinne City Council meeting, Melanie Self stated concerns in the newest subdivision construction area where there have been two bad accidents in that area. The three-way stop intersection needs more light at night, she stated. The red lights on the stop signs are neither reliable nor bright. The arc light there lights up and not down onto the street, she continued. Perhaps the accidents could have been prevented with better lighting in that intersection.

Mayor Brett Merkley agreed with her concerns and added that speed needed to be considered as a factor in the accidents and people needed to obey the laws for everyone’s safety.

In his report for the status of the new city shed, Merkley stated the asphalting did not make schedule and will be done in the spring. A fence will also be added at the west side of the shed property.

The council applauded Councilwoman Karen Caldwell for her hard work in the continuing efforts for restoration of the historical Methodist Church. Caldwell is working on an application for a grant through UDOT for assessment of the property needs; bids for an architect have gone out. Caldwell has made continual efforts in raising funds for the project in an effort to not use city funding. She also has plans to participate in phone interviews with KSL. New T-shirts depicting the church have been designed by Krista Hardman and are available to purchase at Corinne City Hall and our local Mim’s restaurant.

Members of the Planning and Zoning Commission have been changed. Two commissioners have worked beyond their six-year appointment. With thanks for their help, George Ross and Tony Robinson were released and Dana Hutchinson and Jennifer Flitton will join the group.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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