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Laura Wheatley and her family are excited to almost be at Christmas. They went shopping at Family Dollar for their cousins’ gifts and some for each other.

Everly Wheatley had a guitar recital and a gymnastics recital last week. She did well.

Georgia and Ruby are still doing well on their piano and violin lessons. Georgia can do “O, Holy Night” and “Have a Holly, Jolly Christmas.” Ruby is learning “Hot Cross Buns.”

Kyra is now one year old. She had a birthday party to celebrate. Georgia had a late birthday party with some friends. They played games and ate birthday cake together.

Laura says they are all getting used to being in town now. They had a couple inches of snow — just enough to make snowmen, snowballs and snow angels. It was cold, but fun.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen drove to Salt Lake City in order to get some repairs done on their quilting machine. On the way home, they did some Christmas shopping at Smith & Edwards, Walmart, and then Sam’s Club for some groceries. Orson says they are not quite all done yet, but he says he probably won’t be done until the 20th of January!

On Wednesday, he and Jeannette wrote out Christmas cards.

Boyd Udy says the chariot racing will begin by mid-January. He is working in the shop out here at the ranch, and just puttering around and “getting things done that I didn’t get done last summer.” He is still riding his horses, but not in the snow. “It’s just too cold and wet,” he says. He did get his corral finished in town.

Jim Mitchell reports that Starr went Christmas shopping with Gabi and Madi. They had fun. Jim says in spite of snow, the ground underneath is still dry and dustry. “We need more snow!” he says emphatically. He is doing things around the house. He says he is all ready for Christmas.

Winnie Richman is recovering well from her back surgery, and her vision is also doing real good since her little stroke. She is optimistic that she’ll be great in the process of time.

Winnie still has things to do before she is finished getting ready for Christmas. “I’ll get it done,” she says.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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