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The atmosphere seems to be in a state of resting — recuperation, perhaps, from the tense air caused by elections, COVID, and personal stress. It is getting ready to hibernate and may dress itself in her white shawl for further protection — a hint that a deep breath and a brisk walk around the neighborhood is in order.

Here are some fascinating statistics taken from a most reliable source: there are 25 days between Halloween and Thanksgiving, and 28 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas (Dagwood Bumstead). Hurry before there is a run on wrapping paper.

This crazy virus is taking its toll now in rural areas. Corinne City offices have been closed due to illness and many are suffering. Best wishes and good health to everyone.

But society continues to progress. Hannah Davis, daughter of Kim and Bryan Davis, has married Gavin Brown, son of Dale and Janine Brown. Construction in the “new subdivision” is rapid. New homeowners are even working with flashlights in the evening to finish their dream homes. Hopefully we will soon get used to that 3-way stop intersection.

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