Two students at North Park Elementary School in Tremonton involved in a car accident on Jan. 11, 2019, have captured the hearts of the community as recovery efforts continue for both girls Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City.

Maddison Frecker, a fourth grader, and Presley Glende, a second grader, both sustained major injuries when the car they were riding in was hit by a semi-truck on I-15, according a family GoFundMe page. It is expected that recovery will take several months for both girls.

A donation account has been set up for both girls at Bank of Utah, located at 25 N. Tremont Street in Tremonton, under “Jacqueline Nye for the benefit of Maddison Frecker and Presley Glende.” Donations are accepted at any northern Utah Bank of Utah branch.

According to a letter sent to parents of students at North Park Elementary School from Principal Shayln Ekins, a crisis team of professionals has been available to students and staff last week, but also urged parents to talk with their children.

“We urge you to talk to your student about this situation and their feelings. Children need caring adults with whom they can discuss their feelings about these things. We encourage you to take this opportunity to share your beliefs and discuss ways of coping with feelings that your student may have,” the letter stated.