Bright futures: Collinston would like to congratulate Weston Jensen and Sunnie Jones on their graduation from Bear River High School, Class of 2019.

Jones lettered in academics and received a scholarship to attend Utah State University in the engineering program this fall. Jones worked at Riverside Corner as a cook of that ‘famous chicken’ for the past two years and has recently become a cook for Angie’s restaurant (Logan).

Jensen has been working with hydroseeding.

Tristan Spencer was recently married and his little sister, Brendee, is right behind him with a fresh engagement. Dakota Roberts and his fiancé Yasmeen are soon to make their love official; Yasmeen’s bridal shower was a beautiful celebration of a special union. Hayden Hammons’ fiancé, Taryn, was also honored with a bridal shower. So many of our youth are approaching life-changing milestones. We wish them all the very best!

Jessi Corbridge was honored with the President’s Award for sixth grade at Harris Intermediate; her oldest brother, Tanner, lettered in track and runs the 800-meter. Adam Alexander and Jonathan Jensen both placed at the dirt bike hill climbs in Plymouth last month. Waylon Jones is playing summer baseball for Tremonton City and Clay Jensen is playing summer lacrosse. Congratulations to the youth of Collinston!

The critters are out: The first rattlesnake was reported last week at the Garner’s place. A few mama cows escaped their fence on 3100 West and nearby neighbors rallied to herd them back.

Eleven-year-old dog, Pooh Bear Jones, experienced a clean break of his back leg and endured a splint for eight weeks. The little dog typically goes for a more reasonable leap onto the couch cushion, but he got overly ambitious and went for the arm of the couch, slipped back, and felt the snap. He was transported in a white Prius down to Mountain West Veterinary in Layton at 1 a.m. to get immediate treatment for the painful mishap. Each week he had a bandage change, and Canyon View Veterinary in both Tremonton and Perry were great to assist him with colorful bandages that family and friends signed.

Near the end of his bout, it was discovered that the canine developed a bacterial infection on his foot due to excessive moisture and licking in the area; he sported the “cone of shame” with antibiotic ointment for two weeks. After his splint was removed, he was taken on retreat to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for some rehab and relaxation; he and his owner also enjoyed a family friendly concert in the park.

There are adults walking, children on foot and bicycle, and animals running along 3100 West. There have been some requests to ask residents and visitors in motor vehicles to be mindful of the speed limit, which is 40 miles per hour. Activity on that road is unpredictable at times, so please drive safely.

Collinston is rapidly growing with several new homes and families — welcome!

What is your family up to this summer? Feel free to call or text Raina Jones with any highlights you want to share with your community: (435) 512-1228.

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