Corinne Methodist Church

The Corinne Methodist Church building

The Corinne Historical Society was established in 1994. With much enthusiasm for Corinne’s very interesting and colorful history to tell about, it raised funds to restore the old Methodist Church building in Corinne.

This church is on the national and state historical registers, was built in about 1868, and was dedicated in 1870. In 1994, the building was turned over to us by the Methodists, and the Corinne Historical Society turned it into a museum to house the many artifacts and original furniture and pump organ.

Since then we have raised funds and received thousands of dollars to do some improvements and repairs, some of which have included putting on a new, but “historic” shingled roof, stained glass windows, new steps, historic-style wallpaper, a sprinkling system, storage building and more.

As with all old buildings of this age, it still needs constant, tender-loving care and upkeep. We have recently looked into finding new ways to do this, which includes applying for grants from the Utah Historical Society. We have used this building not only for tours to see the artifacts and tell about Corinne’s history, but to have Christmas programs, rent it out for weddings, and allow a Christian church to use it for their Sunday services.

Since we began some 25 years ago, many of our members have passed away. We have a need to increase our membership and add some more members to our board, and so are reaching out to those who are interested in history and may be interested in joining our society.

To join the Corinne Historical Society and/or make a donation, please contact us. We encourage anyone, whether you live outside or in Corinne, to join us. You may call Beulah Wells at (435) 720-7304 or Marjorie Mills at (435) 720-7337.

Come take a tour of this building, which is the oldest Protestant church in the State of Utah. To arrange a tour, please call Beulah Wells.

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