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Too little, now too much — rain, that is. The storm resulted in a water-filled exterior stairwell and a window well full of the wet stuff, which of course leaked into the basement. A lot. Mandating a lot of soaked towel wringing and puddles all over. But the lawn looks good.

Others who were not so fortunate had water filled basements, etc. Once again, Corinnites flew to their neighbors’ aid. Claude Jeppeson’s home was one inundated with water. Helping hands armed with pumps appeared as if by magic. Water-soaked furniture, family treasures and other soggy belongings were cleared from the basement. Heartfelt thanks to all those helping hands who are unknown and helped others in the community also. Corinne is a great place to live.

Have you made it to the fair yet? What a fun place to eat, talk with friends who haven’t been seen all year and admire all the talent by creative people in the area.

School begins Monday the 30th, which means the summer is over and disappeared into somewhere. It was a weird season. Here’s to a better autumn.

At the recent Corinne City Council meeting, Bradon Capener of Capener and Associates, reported that there are no plans at present to demolish the old Corinne School. However, there will be a small subdivision of six houses built in back of the building, three houses facing west and three facing east.

Capener assured council members that the land was now legally owned by the school district and is again asking for a road and an alleyway be vacated by the city to assist in construction. Council members led by Mayor Brett Merkley agreed to hold a public meeting next month during which the item would be voted on. Complete plans, etc, need to be reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Councilwoman Karen Caldwell gave the first monthly report of the Historical Museum Restoration Project. Immediate plans for help in funding include an art show featured on Brigham City’s Main Street during Peach Days. The beautiful information brochure will be mailed to Corinne residents soon, and all donations will be welcomed and will be used to proceed with restoration plans.

City Recorder Kendra Norman reported final numbers on the recent primary elections. Ann Whitaker, Curtis Hansen, Wade Layton and Dana Hutchinson will appear on the ballot from which two will be chosen to sit on the council next year.

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