Vandalism continues to plague Corinne City facilities, reported Mayor Brett Merkley at the recent Corinne City Council meeting. Fires in the park restrooms is the latest. We want our community to be safe, he said, and asked for solutions from the council.

A camera survey system was suggested with a memory lasting about a week had the biggest vote. If you see something unusual or suspicious, report it immediately, pleaded the mayor and council members. That is how we can (safely) control our community — let the local sheriff’s department come and take care of it. Better a case dismissed than one missed.

Gaining the legal title to the Methodist Church is still stalled, said the mayor. The Methodist Church has never had a problem turning over the church to the community, he said, but the county commission is the stop point. The issue has gone on for months.

The city has a new web page and former council member Julie Jones has a problem with that. Jones’ husband set up the page when Julie was on the council and took care of changes, etc. as needed. The new setup was done without notice to him, said Julie.

Mayor Merkley took full responsibility, stating as mayor he made many decisions without first notifying council members, and this was one of them. He appreciated all the work done, but the city is “changing directions” and taking a new approach with a new web site, he said.

Jones felt the decision was made behind closed doors and her husband did not have a opportunity to respond, nor submit a bid to continue the site.

Thanks to all those who helped make the 3rd and 4th of July celebrations such a memorable one.