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The public hearing called to assess public comment toward the proposed Small Animal Control Ordinance was short and sweet, and ended without any public input against the ordinance. It was put on the city ordinance book later in the meeting with a unanimous vote for adoption from the city council.

Danielle Pierce approached the council for advice in her dilemma concerning sharing with neighboring property of Danny Norton where a few goats are pastured. They have shared that land for years, which happens to encase a small easement that belongs to the city.

Council members agreed that the city no longer needs that alley way as it does not contain any utility lines or water ways. However, Mayor Brett Merkley reminded both parties that there would be a fee involved for both parties as the land would have to be properly surveyed and recorded, indicating the city no longer owns that piece of land.

As there have not been any complaints about the small goats housed there, the animals could stay for their lifetimes.

The annual city audit was reviewed by Mathew Regen. He confirmed that sales tax was the biggest income to the city. Also, UDOT contributed a goodly amount toward roads. Impact fees were also a good source of revenue. Revenue for the city in 2020 was $634,464 and in 2019 was $560,808. There is still $1,837,000 due on the water bond.

Regen reported that funding for several projects during the year was taken from savings and did not necessitate borrowing from any source, a positive indication of good budgeting. Regen thanked City Recorder Kendra Norman for her work in “running the city,” and skills and knowledge which have assisted him in audits over years of working together. He commended Mayor Merkley with his financial background as also being beneficial to the city.

In other business, council woman Cindy Cheney wanted a reminder for citizens that snowmobiles are not allowed on city streets.

Council woman Karen Caldwell reported that the city website is neither user friendly nor up to date. The Facebook page also needs help.

Mayor Merkley said the next city council meeting will focus on the budget and ways to pay for water and sewer utilities needed for the maintenance shop building. He encouraged council members to come prepared to express funding ideas.

Love to see the remaining holiday lights in yards. Can’t get enough Christmas this year!

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