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County overreached in buying buildings

“The pit you dig for others, is the same pit you will fall into.” Why do our representatives dig a pit that they and their families will fall into? Our Box Elder County Commissioners just made our local government pit larger not only for themselves but for everyone else.

I congratulated the county commissioners a few weeks earlier for defunding the “small business program,” causing it to come to an end. I asked them to keep going at getting rid of other programs. Commissioner Scott stated, “one at a time.”

Our Box Elder County Commissioners just enlarged our local government by spending over $220,000 to buy a home and turn it into a “Children’s Justice Center”; adding another socialist program, which by the way, these socialist programs do not work. These programs forcefully take our money and then force citizens to be charitable; charity is not force.

Then the Box Elder county commissioners paid $640,586.50 to purchase the America First Bank Building. I asked them why? Commissioners Summers stated that they needed a DMV (Department of motor vehicle) bldg. I stated that we already have one. Commissioner Summers stated that because of COVID, we need a drive thru window. Is this another instance of never let a crisis go to waste?

Let the Box Elder County Commissioners know that we do not need another government building or another socialist program added to the many we already have. Email;; and

Our government does not have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem. I keep wondering when Commissioner Summers is going to make the decision to help the government get by on less; making those same tough decisions, which he stated on his campaign flier. Commissioner Summers is on his third term and he took the counties budget from $29 million when he first became commissioner to $43 million for 2021.

Still waiting for government to get by on less and making those same tough decisions that businesses and citizens have to make.

DeAnna Hardy

Brigham City

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