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What’s with that groundhog? Wind blew snow off the sidewalk onto the driveway, making it nearly impossible to navigate out. Hope early is EARLY.

Had to get new glasses last week. Each lens still seems to be operating on its own. Not only is looking up and down necessary to see clearly, but side to side also. Need to make another appointment.

The Corinne Council meeting last week began with a discussion of the Methodist Church and the storage shed requested by the Corinne Historical Society where articles of importance could be stored.

Councilwoman Karen Caldwell objected to any more discussion on the church until “proof of ownership” was produced. Councilwoman Irene Jensen agreed, stating she had never seen such a paper either.

Mayor Brett Merkley stated that proof had been produced several times to several groups of people. He requested City Recorder Kendra Norman to make a copy of the deed sent to the recorder’s office in Brigham City and then issued one to each council member. The deed states the Methodist Church deeds the church located in Corinne, Utah, to Corinne City. Merkley explained the Methodist church has holdings throughout the country and often uses this method to give communities titles to buildings.

Councilwoman Caldwell reiterated her stand that the building be treated as an historical monument and any construction be mindful of that fact. Mayor Merkley reaffirmed that his intent has always been to preserve the historical nature of the building.

Discussion continued on the shed in question with council members querying why the city is purchasing a shed that would not hold city-owned items. Other concerns brought up included who would pay for the shed, was rent an option, and where would the shed be located. Regarding the request for city ownership of the shed, it was the council position not to buy the shed.

The council closed the meeting after passing the Appeal Authority, Title 9, Chapter 5, Planning Commission Title 9 changes. A public hearing will be heard March 17 to ratify the changes.

Bear River High School will visit Century School and present a Cinderella assembly on Thursday, Feb. 13. President’s Day holiday on Monday, Feb. 17. Enjoy the long weekend.

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