Dear Editor,

I have many fond memories of Memorial Day. When I was little, I remember tubs of beautiful, fresh flowers soaking on the lawn. My grandpa and grandma Rock lived closed to the cemetery. Families gathered to make bouquets of flowers for their loved ones who had died.

The house was full of relatives eating chili. It was special. Now, I admire families who still recognize this wonderful holiday. It makes me sad that many think of it as a three-day vacation to take off and play.

Many decades ago, I adopted a Hindu grave that never got any flowers. I learned the stories of these hard-working people and care very much about their hallowed spot in the Fielding cemetery. I would like to issue a challenge that you and your families will adopt a grave and place a flower there for someone who has been forgotten. It doesn’t have to be much, but maybe it will give you joy.

Never forget your heritage. Pay homage to your long departed ancestors. Remember who you are and be grateful.

Judy Smith