Recently, Starr Mitchell had the pleasure of being with her two granddaughters, Gabi and Madi. Madi was still in need of a nap during this time. While Madi was napping, Gabi asked Starr to teach her how to play Monopoly. Gabi already had the game board in hand when she asked.

Starr began by telling Gabi about moving her player and what to do when she landed on a square. By the time Madi finally woke up, Starr had no money and Gabi had all the railroads, rental properties and utilities. “It was a learning experience,” Starr says, “for me! I was glad to be saved by Madi’s waking up.” Starr says Gabi really did good. “I got beat by a first-time kid.”

The Mitchell garden is doing great. They are now eating some peas. The zucchinis are almost ready. The rest of their garden is thriving.

Starr took the girls to a park in Ogden last Monday. There is a program for bored summer children that provides them with things to do and learn. It is called Arts in the Park. While they were there, the girls made some hand-gliders and other things. Starr had packed a picnic lunch for the three of them. As soon as the threesome started eating, some seagulls came over to pick up any crumbs that might be dropped. The birds came in very close, but fled when the girls tried to catch them. This writer picked up an injured seagull in her field once upon a time and got bit! The bird had an amazingly strong bite. It was a good thing she had on leather gloves. The bird might break a child’s finger, so discourage picking up or handling seagulls.

Laura Wheatley and her family attended a family reunion in the Newton-Lewiston area. The family was all from Laura’s mother, Susan Hendricks’ side of the family. To start the event, a brunch was served. That evening a dinner of pulled pork sandwiches, salads, chips, and cookies was served. Laura says there were probably around 70 people attending.

The rest of the week the Wheatleys were preparing for a vacation to the west coast. They will return home Sunday.

Orson and Jeanette Poulsen have been working hard in their garden to get all the weeds. In spite of the weeds, Orson says their corn is now up about eight inches. He also says their squashes of various kinds are doing well. He has harvested his first crop. The Poulsens are enjoying the new steps onto their deck behind the home.

Boyd Udy spent a good deal of time last week preparing for the 42nd annual colt sale at the Fort Ranch at Promontory. He and several friends brought their horses to help run the mares and their foals in the sale order through the auction ring. All went smoothly and fast.

The word from Montana is Tyrell, Erin, and B.W. are doing great. The baby is growing fast.

One Monday Winnie Richman hauled hay from her field until rain stopped everything, but chores a quick run to the house.

Earlier Monday Jim and Starr Mitchell came over to help Winnie put away her hay rake until the next crop (hopefully!) of hay is ready to cut and rake. “Thank you, Jim and Starr,” Winnie says gratefully.

Tuesday Winnie brought the rest of the bales from the field, but they were too wet to put in the stack. At least they were much closer, so the stacking would be faster on another day.

Wednesday was art. Carolyn signed hers and Winnie will next week!

Winnie is still going to therapy to strengthen her back. She is stiff and sore, but the exercises seem so easy. It is easy to overdo, she guesses.

Friday Winnie enjoyed lunch in Logan at Chuck-a-Rama with sister-in-law Gayle Richman. There was lots of good conversation and planning for an overnight vacation to Rome, which both ladies would enjoy.

Saturday Winnie attended the 42nd Annual Quarter Horse foal sale at the Fort Ranch, just over the hill from Winnie’s ranch. “I have never seen so many beautiful mares and foals in one place at the same time,” she said. The mares and their babies were quick moving, but not wild acting. The little ones sold quickly; 53 babies sold in less than two hours! Lunch was served prior to the sale. Winnie tried her very first “brat” on a bun with baked beans, sauerkraut, chips, and a cold drink. There was watermelon and cookies for dessert.

Sunday Winnie drove to church by 9 a.m. She enjoyed Relief Society and many friends to talk with between meetings. She also enjoyed choir practice afterwards. Home, the usual nap, chores, and (what, no jazz till October?) an early bedtime. Jazz withdrawals are already setting in!