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Starr Mitchell had a very good time with Gabi and Madi Mitchell reading all their Christmas books and working on some of their Christmas gift puzzles.

Patrick, Starr’s brother, came over for a couple of times to eat and enjoy Starr’s home-cooked meals. He tends to eat easy, frozen meals when he is at home by himself.

Jim and Starr have been trying to keep warm by piling on an extra log to their fire from their store of wood. They still feel their stored wood will be adequate to finish out the cold winter and early spring months.

Starr loves the winter birds around their home. She makes her own suet cakes from bird seed and bacon drippings. She maintains the birds need the fat from the bacon to be healthy. She has observed the birds still taking baths, so she keeps them supplied with fresh, unfrozen water several times a day. At feeding or watering times, she says the birds sing (chirp) their thanks.

Orson Poulsen has finished the ceiling in his quilting cottage. Now all he has to do is lay the flooring and do some more work on the plumbing, and it will be finished. He hopes to be done by March. He says altogether the work is going slower than he had originally planned. He feels it will be done better than if he had hurried.

Orson is training some horses to drive, and one or two to ride. One of the horses is a very tall mustang. He says this horse walks very fast and easy, like a Tennessee Walking Horse. Orson thinks this horse might measure 16 hands tall (a hand in horse measurements is four inches).

Laura Wheatley is enjoying having the four oldest girls back to school and piano and other instrument lessons. Kate is going to kindergarten in the afternoons. Everly is in the fifth grade, Georgia in the fourth grade, and Ruby is in first grade. Ruby is doing good on her violin, and has learned to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

Georgia Wheatley was in her first basketball game, and helped the team win with her basket. Laura says the coach is a good one who gives the girls encouragement and basketball homework.

Boyd Udy enjoyed helping his family’s two teams to the starting gates. Both teams ran good races and posted wins. There were about 30 teams present. Boyd is driving his team to get them ready to begin feeding by next week. He says that eating what is left in the pasture, and also feeding hay, is the best way to keep the cows in good shape for calving. Boyd says “It is way too cold!”

Winnie Richman is doing better every day. She will begin doing her own night chores on Monday; however, Jim Mitchell told her he would be home and willing to help if she got too tired or had some other troubles. He said just to call him. Winnie is very grateful.

Winnie is still driving her truck to town and church since it is still too slippery to get her car up on the road. “I sure don’t want to get stuck, or slip into one of the gate posts,” she says.

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