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Jim and Starr Mitchell are now enjoying the benefits of their hard work all summer and fall. Especially to be enjoyed are the nice, warm fires in their wood stove. Also, they are very grateful for all the rain Promontory has had in the recent days.

Starr’s brother Patrick came for a delicious chicken dinner. Starr baked an apple pie for dessert. The visit also provided good conversation among the three.

Jim and Starr raked many fallen leaves to put into their compost pile. This pile will be stirred many times as it is added to with more leaves and other compost-y things. By spring, it will be ready to use as fertilizer in their greenhouse and garden. They feel there is much more raking to do before all the leaves are gone.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen drove to Ogden to the Air Force museum. They found it to be very interesting.

Orson has started another project on his quilting cottage. He will add a toupla to the roof. It will have a rooster weather vane to indicate the direction of the wind. He says it has turned out to be “much larger and more work than I had anticipated.”

Two of Jeannette’s grandsons gave her an early birthday present. In return, she gave them some things for Thanksgiving.

Laura Wheatley is helping her girls learn Christmas music on their musical instruments. She knows “practice makes perfect.”

The Wheatley family feels they have raked all the leaves that have fallen from their trees. Laura says this work has been “no small task!”

Laura has also made some more applesauce. She is now trying to get caught up on all her laundry that didn’t get done in the week prior to the Red Ribbon activity and the Halloween carnival. However, the carnival went well. Laura is glad Halloween comes only once a year.

Zane Wheatley is doing good in his trucking business, and the girls are doing good at school. Laura still feels she is enjoying her time with the girls who are not yet in school.

Boyd Udy took his horses to Ogden for the Utah Cutting Horse Association fall show. Contestants came mainly from the West. The show lasted 11 days. He used all his horses, even the youngest one broke to ride.

Boyd’s granddaughter Kynzee opened the show by singing our National Anthem. Boyd, Kynzee and her mom Jessica did not compete; they just pushed cows for the various classes of competition. Boyd says Jessica rode the young horse and did real good. He also says it was rainy, wet and not too cold, but it was definitely coat weather.

Winnie Richman is very grateful for the rain we had recently. She can see her pastures turning a lovely spring green. Until it rained, she didn’t hold out too much hope for winter feed in her pastures. Due to the lack of feed during the summer, she brought her cows off the mountain pasture to more easily provide hay. She is very grateful to Jim and Starr Mitchell, and oldest son Aaron, for all their help during this hard time. She feels her cows look pretty good now, and their calves sold good back in October. Now … if she can find some more alfalfa hay. She still needs 144 more bales to get through the winter and early spring.

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