October is here with its usual query: when should I turn on the furnace? Should I keep wearing those fuzzy pajama pants all day? Should I keep the thermal shirt on all day? Should I put another blanket on the bed? Or should I just break down and be warm in the front room? And when do I stop watering the lawn and those last struggling flowers?

October means that Halloween decorations are erupting in yards. Love them! Except, Halloween decorations on one store aisle means Christmas ones on the next aisle. Really? What ever happened to Thanksgiving?

Enrichment Night in the First Ward last week was an inspiring patriotic program featuring all those who had served, or were currently serving our community and/or country in the capacity of armed forces, firefighters, EMT first responders, etc. Several of the men there shared some of their experiences during combat — such brave and courageous stories. Thanks to Wendy Williamson and her helpers for this night to remember.

Century School is hosting Grandparent Day today, Wednesday, Oct. 2. Those who have signed up will enjoy a picnic lunch with students. Individual picture day is Friday, Oct. 4.

Just a heads up: coming in October will be parent/teacher conferences, a trip to Hardware Ranch, fall break and the famous pumpkin walk, and Red Ribbon Week. Keep your running shoes on.

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