Jim and Starr Mitchell visited Starr’s mom and brother, Patrick, last week. Both are doing well. Patrick has finished stacking wood for the soon-to-be cold days of late fall and winter.

Gabrielle Mitchell is loving her math club at school. Her age group is into subtraction dealing with numbers less than 20. She and Starr are also enjoying reading together after school.

Gabi sent Grandpa Jim a video of her doing a scientific experiment with air pressure. She showed him a picture of a bucket of water, a cup, and a paper towel. Then, she crumpled the paper towel carefully and placed it inside the cup. She turned the cup over and carefully placed it on the top of the water in the bucket. She then asked Jim if the towel got wet or stayed dry. He said it would stay dry. She carefully got the cup out of the water and, sure enough, the paper towel was dry. She then asked Jim if he would give her a thumbs-up sign or a thumbs-down sign. Starr took a picture of Jim doing the thumbs-up sign and sent it to Ashley’s phone to show Gabi. The towel stayed dry due to air pressure holding back the water.

Laura Wheatley will be glad to tell daughter number two, Georgia, that it is time for her to be baptized at the beginning of December. Georgia will turn eight in November. She is really excited!

Laura and her girls have enjoyed the last of the nice weather by spending lots of time out of doors. Laura has mowed the lawn — hopefully for the las time until next year.

The girls, Everly and Georgia, are doing well in school. They got up at 3 a.m. recently and got ready for school. They did go willingly back to bed for a while but still insisted on staying dressed except for their shoes.

Laura enjoyed a visit from her friend. “Adults can never stay long enough,” Laura says. “I really like the change of pace the more grown-up conversation provides.”

Boyd Udy has been in pure fun on his well-trained son and daughter of Crocker at the huge cow cutting show in Ogden last week and all of this week. He and Shane Haviland have been pushing cattle usually starting about 5 a.m. and finishing around 10 p.m. Boyd says the cattle are great and the horses are loving the cooler weather, as are the cowboys and the members of the audiences.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen have stayed mostly close to home during the week. They have planted more spring bulbs of different kinds.

Orson says his new deck on the back of his home is coming along slowly by some people’s judgment, but just right on his schedule. He and Jeannette enjoyed the Regional Conference telecast from Weber State University on Sunday. Elder M. Russell Ballard was the General Authority from the Council of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who gave the keynote address. Since there were 120 stakes involved, many of the wards received the conference on screen in their chapels.

Winnie Richman is already into the new Jazz season. She didn’t get to watch any of the team’s pre-season winning games but so far has not missed any of the main season games. Go Jazz!

Wednesday at art, Winnie and Carolyn worked hard on getting more paint on canvas. Carolyn’s picture of her and Winnie’s three great grandsons is almost finished. Winnie has hit a snag and must start another canvas in order to get some more ideas for this huge canvas she has been working on. “I’ll do it,” she vows determinedly, “but it will take longer than I thought it would.”

Winnie says “Thank you” to Travis, Mike, and Martin at Fixed Automotive in Brigham for giving her Jetta a LOF on Thursday.

Friday was a Celebration of Life for Winnie’s nephew, Rob Richman. He passed away quite suddenly in St. George, Utah, doing what he loved, pumping cement.

Winnie attended a dinner with his father Gayle and wife Linda, Uncle DeLoy and wife Belva Richman, cousin Connie and her husband Matthew Preece, and several others whom Winnie didn’t know at the Chuck-A-Rama on South State Street in Salt Lake City. It was a memorable evening after which Winnie came home.

Saturday, son Aaron came to the Double S Bar to help prepare for a fencing project being done by Winnie’s hunt club. He then stayed and planted all of Winnie’s fall daffodil bulbs to bloom next spring. He saw how many bulbs there were and dug a trench, spaced the bulbs the correct distance apart, put some water in the trench, and then filled the trench with dirt. He said it was easier than using a trowel for forty bulbs! “Thank you, Aaron,” Winnie says gratefully.

Sunday was the big Regional Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Winnie attended the meeting at the Thatcher-Penrose Ward where it was transmitted via satellite. The talks were uplifting, as were the hymns the congregation sang. Winnie was embarrassed to discover she didn’t know all the words, so was grateful for the prompts on the screen.

On the way home, Winnie was able to see her cows had not come in to water and hadn’t finished their hay the day before. They would not need to be fed more hay until Monday. Winnie took a short nap, did chores a little early, and watched the Jazz win their game with the Dallas Mavericks.