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Jim and Starr Mitchell express gratitude for cooler weather. They say their animals are grateful, too.

The Mitchells spent a day with Starr’s brother Patrick for his birthday last week. They hopped in their car and had a nice drive out to Pocatello Valley. When they arrived home at Promontory, Starr surprised him with his favorite pizza. She was happy to have cooler weather to turn on the stove to cook it. She also had a scratch chocolate cake with buttercream icing ready for him. They served the cake with ice cream. Pat said “It was the best cake ever!”

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen spent five days at Ririe, Idaho, camping out with five other couples from the Good Sam Club. They report having had a real good time. There were fireside evenings, just talking, and hot chocolate on the cool mornings.

The Poulsens took their new truck to haul their trailer. Then, they unhooked it and drove around the area to see the local sights.

Orson says he still has a few things left to do on his quilting cottage before he calls for the electrician for the final work. The couple is working on a quilt for Judy Jensen in their home. She will bind off the edges herself.

Laura Wheatley says her week seemed very busy to her. She says all her girls who are old enough had begun their music lessons. Everly has the same guitar teacher, but Georgia has a new piano teacher. Ruby still needs a violin to begin lessons. Laura isn’t sure if she will begin on a half-size or quarter-size instrument. Kate has expressed an interest in learning to play a harp. Harps are so big that Kate will have to grow bigger and older to learn to play one.

Everly, Georgia, Ruby and Kate are now enrolled in twice-a-week swimming lessons. They are having fun.

Last week, Laura did 36 quarts of tomato juice, 20 pints of red salsa, and six pints of green salsa. The green salsa is a new recipe for Laura to try. She had the help of her mother, Susan Hendricks, and sister Stacey.

Zane is busy all the time with his truck, and loving it.

Boyd Udy is riding his horses every day. He hates the mosquitoes! He loves the cooler weather. He is still getting the ranch cleaned up for winter.

“Just staying home isn’t my favorite thing!” Winnie Richman says about her week last week. However, she doesn’t want that COVID-19, either. She managed until Wednesday, when she had to go to the Farm Service Agency in Tremonton to sign a paper. She then drove to Brigham City for groceries, and to get her great grandson his birthday present. That done, she came home SLOWLY!

Winnie was very glad for help feeding her cows with neighbor Jim Mitchell twice last week. He cuts and gathers the strings from the bales, then Winnie spreads the hay with the loader tractor. Then, Jim drives down to the barn while Winnie goes up to the stack yard for more hay to put into the weaned calves’ feeders. He cuts all but two strings until the bales are in place, then cuts the last two strings and gathers them to let the bales expand to fill the feeders. Winnie has two feeders to fill. The calves are eating and drinking normally, with apparently no thoughts for their mothers. Good gracious! They are certainly eating a lot of hay! Winnie fills their three water troughs twice a day. Sons Aaron and Lyle help on the weekends. “Thank you all for your help,” Winnie says gratefully.

Saturday, after watering her calves, the power went off at about 1 o’clock in the afternoon. The Rocky Mountain Power crew said there was a burning pole a few miles north of the ranch. They said the power would be back on by 6:30 p.m.; however, to due factors beyond their control, the power didn’t come back on until 9 o’clock that evening. Winnie let it be on for an hour while her cows watered up, then went down to fill the three water troughs for her calves and the two water troughs for her three bulls. She went to bed hoping to get up in time to fill the calves’ water troughs before getting ready for church.

Winnie never made it to church. She kept feeling sicker and sicker, so she laid down to rest and she slept the morning away. She arose feeling better and got ready for her great grandson’s birthday party at 3 p.m. She picked up dear friend Carolyn Carter (Jaden’s other granny), and they arrived together to chat and celebrate the day. They ate a delicious meal of hot dogs and barbecued chicken, a rice dish, and strawberry fruit salad. The birthday cake was also strawberry, with whipped-cream frosting. Winnie came home, watered the calves, and told the bulls they’d have to wait ‘til morning. She watered her tomatoes, then went to bed. She seems to be fully recovered as of this writing. Could it have had something to do with getting her flu shot on Friday?

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