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Jim and Starr Mitchell are raking lots of leaves. “It seems like we just get them picked up and put into our compost pile,” Starr says, “when we look and see more falling on our nice, clean yard.” Hopefully the Mitchells will be finished after the fierce winds of the past few days.

Gabi and Madi, Jim and Starr’s granddaughters, are doing so good. Gabi is getting used to having two missing teeth. However, she is very challenged practicing her “TH” sounds in her words.”

Madi sees grandma Starr coming in the mornings and heads for the fridge and cupboard to get everything ready to help Starr make pancakes. She is only three years old, and can remember everything for “scratch” pancakes. After breakfast, she gets her little stool and helps Starr with the dishes.

Both little girls are way excited to be spending three days with Jim and Starr. They have no school on Friday, so they will return home with Starr on Thursday night.

Orson Poulsen has been working on a new horse to drive. She is a very nice, easygoing horse of the Gypsy Vanner breed and is four years old.

The Poulsens watched church on Zoom.

The couple finished another quilt for a neighbor. The quilting cottage is coming along slowly. “This is not as fast as I’d like it to,” Orson says.

Orson and Jeannette have wrapped up their yard work for the year. They have planted their spring blooming bulbs and fertilized their lawn with store-bought fertilizer and some fertilizer from their compost pile.

Laura Wheatley remembers last week as the week Ruby took her first violin lesson. She was taught how to stand and how to hold the instrument. In addition, she was shown some bowing and fingering.

Laura also reports she and Zane voted.

Boyd Udy has been working on his corrals. He has welded wherever he sees the need, and is also fixing other places to be sure everything is winter ready. He has also drained all his water lines. All his family is well.

Winnie Richman did her pre-operation testing on Wednesday. She worried for nothing. At one point driving down, she found herself wedged between a cement barrier and a very long semi going the same speed as she was. She couldn’t get ahead because another vehicle was in front of her. The semi finally pulled over into a turning lane, which allowed her to breathe a sigh of relief. The rest of her testing went well. Even the blood drawer was so good, Winnie didn’t feel a thing — not even the needle prick. The return trip home was quick out of Salt Lake City since she was ahead of the after-work traffic.

The rest of Winnie’s week was quiet, and she enjoyed church on Sunday. Aaron and April came out to let Aaron pheasant hunt. April dropped him off at the north end of the home place, and she drove on down to Winnie’s to say “Hi” and pick him up. He got two roosters. Both stayed to chat and Aaron did a chore for Winnie. She found out all the evening chores had been done by them, too. “Thank you so very much. It was way too cold and windy for me to want to go out.”

Winnie thanks all the kind people who have wished her well on her coming surgery.

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