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Laura and Zane Wheatley are very proud of their daughter Ruby. She has learned to play “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” on her violin. It isn’t part of her lesson. She doesn’t mind the practice she puts in to get a good sound from her instrument.

Kyra Wheatley, sister No. 6, has turned 13 months old. She is getting yet another tooth and is still cranky and grouchy from the process.

Zane Wheatley is preparing to chop down some extra trees in their yard to provide more room for other “stuff.” He really does enjoy having his family closer to where he works. He took the five older girls to the movies in Brigham City last Saturday afternoon. They all had fun. Laura kept Kyra at home.

Everly is still participating in gymnastics. Georgia did another basketball game on Saturday, which her team won. She expressed sadness at having to play against two of her friends who are sisters.

Orson and Jeanette Poulsen made a flying trip to La Verkin to retrieve a little white poodle from Orson’s brother Reese and his wife Denise. It turns out the dog just didn’t acclimate to its new environment and was obviously unhappy. The trip was only two days long.

The Poulsens’ quilting cottage is coming along well with the flooring. They have laid down the flooring on the bottom level with linoleum. It is in the pattern of wood grain.

Boyd Udy took a horse to the cutter races in Ogden on Saturday to help his family get to the starting gates. Both teams ran well and won their races.

Boyd is using his team every day to feed the cows. He also checks the water every day. If something is wrong, he fixes it immediately. Otherwise, he is just doing things around the ranch property. He is also keeping a watch out for anything that is broken, or needs fixing or replacing.

Winnie Richman is almost all better! She is doing her own chores, attending doctor appointments, finally got her car up on the road to go to town, and mostly having an interesting time. Due to the COVID-19 thing, she isn’t feeling too secure to go anywhere. She hopes it will go away. She noticed some daffodil leaves sprouting up in her garden. She will also try to add some flowers for spring blooming, and a few roses, too. She is of course watching the Jazz games. Haven’t they been phenomenal?

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