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I tried to explain the free-market system to the Box Elder County Commissioners, but they like the idea of a government controlled economic development system better, where they have the power and control to choose which businesses come into our county and receive favoritism, protectionism and receive incentivizing tax exemptions and tax advantages.

When you have a government controlled economic development system that picks winners and losers in business, shows favoritism, protectionism, incentivizes businesses to come to the second driest state in the country with tax exemptions and advantages, what do you think will happen with our already stressed water resources? Reservoirs are drying up because of the strain of more businesses and population growth.

The taxing entities, the school district (established in 1890), the mosquito abatement (established in 1944) the water conservancy district (established in 1988) along with our county commissioners have all abandoned the free-market system. These taxing entities agree to enter into inter-local agreements with the county and cities; waiving a portion of the taxes they would have received from the incoming business to go back to pay for the infrastructure of that business. The waived tax timeline can be anywhere from 15 to 20 years or more.

The Box Elder County Commissioners just approved another project area in our county. With the Inland Port coming in and more population growth, it will put more of a strain on our water resources. The commissioners also hired a lobbying and consulting firm named, “Sage Government Solutions” in June of 2021. It is a three year term and the annual retainer is $15,000. They will handle issues such as air quality, Deseret UAS, Inland Port Development, infrastructure projects, other state policies, etc.

The citizens are forced to pay for a corrupt and unfair government controlled economic development system. The Box Elder County Commissioners are only concerned with increasing revenue for the county so that they can spend more instead of protecting the free-market system, which is the true, correct and fair system for all businesses.

DeAnna Hardy

Brigham City

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