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Free market the only fair system

Should the government show favoritism to one business over another; picking winners and losers? This is what the government controlled economic development program is doing.

It was interesting to hear the Box Elder County Commissioners say it was unfair for the Box Elder School District to dictate their own policies in not wanting to go 20 years for tax increment funding; only 15 years. What is unfair is for any taxing entity to move away from the true and correct principle of a free market system.

The Box Elder County Commissioners should never have entered into a contract with Allos Environmental, (thankfully it was rescinded) which allowed the county to use the Promontory Landfill for a secondary landfill in case of an emergency such as if we had an earthquake or flood.

If there was an earthquake or a flood, the Promontory Landfill would be endangered because it is right next to the Great Salt Lake; never understood the Commissioners reasoning on this issue. The commissioners have a duty and responsibility to protect our county and not allow harmful waste.

Warning, Allos Environmental is still seeking a Class 5 permit that would allow hazardous out-of-state waste into our county. If California is creating hazardous waste, it should be kept in the state where it was created instead of shipping it to other states to contaminate their land. I feel the same about county garbage; each county should be responsible for their waste instead of shipping it to other counties.

Companies should have the moral integrity to not obtain special tax exemptions, advantages over other businesses. Government has the duty and responsibility to uphold the law of fairness. Let’s keep the free market, it is the only correct system!

DeAnna Hardy

Brigham City

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