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Orson and Jeannette Poulsen had some friends they met on their mission in Nauvoo, Illinois come for a great visit on Saturday. They enjoyed showing them their little place in the sun.

Orson says his livestock are doing well. He and Jeannette were ready for Christmas. They have visited a lot of family recently.

Jim and Starr Mitchell report their two granddaughters were really excited about Christmas. Starr helped them make a paper chain from strips of colored paper glued together. The girls also had a countdown calendar they were undoing one day at a time. Starr’s grandmother used to help Starr make the paper chain. They all had fun with Starr and the bottle of glue.

The girls also dressed up in costumes to play-act stories. Some of the stories they made up, and others came from stories they had read to them. Sometimes they were princesses or superheroes. Once they played at being astronauts, and another time they were butterflies. Charlie the dog, a miniature schnauzer, did his best to keep up with them. He showed exemplary patience.

Jim and Starr looked at the Christmas star that was on Channel 2 news last week. Starr says “It’s been 800 years since it was last seen.”

Boyd Udy has been doing “stuff” around his house. He wished everybody a Merry Christmas.

Tyrell and his family are doing good. Ty wished all his friends down here a wonderful Christmas. Jessie and Kynzee are doing good, too. So is wife Kris. “We all are in good shape,” Boyd says.

The horses are doing good and being snorty. The pasture is still holding good feed, so Boyd has not started feeding with his team yet. He is looking forward to it.

Laura Wheatley says the girls were all counting the days ‘til Christmas. She took them shopping for their cousins. “That was a real fun day,” Laura says. Then, when they got home they wrapped the presents. “Their stockings are all hung up,” Laura adds. The girls that are old enough loved the snow last week.

Winnie Richman mostly stayed home. Her daughter-in-law April agreed to take her to her doctor appointment on Monday the 21st. Winnie had one more shopping trip to be ready for Christmas. “Just doing my best to be careful, and it’s working,” she says.

Happy, healthy, prosperous New Year, everyone!

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