Gabi, Madalyn, and mom Ashley Mitchell are well now as Grandma Starr can be with them. The young girls were happy to be able to go outside to play.

Jim and Starr picked the girls up for an overnight stay at Promontory. Madi is getting restless on the long ride to Promontory. Starr and Gabi encourage her to sing with them. Later in the ride Starr tells a story. Then it is Gabi’s turn to tell one. Madi listens carefully then tells one of her own when it is her turn.

After arriving home to Promontory the girls eagerly ran for their play equipment. They love the swings and the slide. This time Starr provided a bubble mixture and loops for blowing bubbles. The active girls found Starr’s place for the water squirt guns. Did they have fun? Oh, yes!

Starr and Jim also had butterfly nets ready to use. All had a great time catching, identifying, seeing the colors, and releasing them to fly away again. Starr had a butterfly land on her arm. It had yellow wings with blue dots.

The Mitchell’s garden is still giving them lots of zucchinis, cherry tomatoes, green peppers, and jalapeño peppers. The big juicy beef steak tomatoes are still green and growing.

Starr’s brother Patrick came for dinner. Starr served cooked zucchini noodles with her own marinara sauce over them. One must be careful not to cook the noodles too much or they become mushy.

Zane and Laura Wheatley and daughters attended Baby Wheatley’s preschool graduation. She took a test and passed it so she could be in the graduation experience. She looked cute in her flat-topped hat. She also received a Certificate of Completion.

Zane was unable to see his girls finish their swimming lessons due to work. Laura says, “I’ve got some good little fishes.” This was Everly and Georgia’s second year; they are swimming on their own. Ruby and Kate will be soon.

Laura’s sister Joann brought her children to Promontory two separate days, Friday and Saturday. By going home, all could relax and then enjoy each other’s company the next day, which they all certainly did.

Boyd Udy pushed cattle for Utah Reined Cow Horse on Saturday at Utah State University. Boyd used his grand old horse Crocker, who enjoyed himself too. It was a good show and was well attended.

On Sunday, Boyd and Kris drove to Salt Lake City to see some of their grandkids.

Orson Poulsen thanks his brother Reese for coming to Penrose for two weeks to help him start his quilting cottage. This past week Orson and his hired friend mostly worked on the cottage.

On Monday evening Winnie Richman stacked three fourths of the first load of hay she received Saturday. She stacked the last nine bales early Tuesday morning.

After finishing the hay, Winnie drove to Brigham City on business. She ran into Jim and Starr who invited her to eat with them at Peach City. They had not been inside before. It was a cool quiet, delicious meal finished with Peach City’s famous ice cream. Winnie says, “Thank you, Jim and Starr.”

Wednesday was art for Winnie and good friend Carolyn Carter. Both ladies made good progress on their projects. Carolyn hopes to finish; Winnie must add more in order to make the mountains look farther away. To do this she will simply bring the blue sky down on top of the mountains, thus blotting the mountains out, farther away. She hopes it will be enough.

Thursday night Winnie had a change of pace. She began to see about a sewing problem that maybe she could correct. She used a large safety pin to see if there would be space and an opening in the hem of the waist band of the skirt that needed new elastic inserted. All went well and Winnie began adding elastic. Ha, ha! At first only a broom stick would fit in. But she persevered, gaining width until the waist band was her size. It will be tightly sewed to each end of the elastic, hidden inside of the waist band, the waist band was closed, then worn. It is relaxing to have a change of pace.

Saturday Winnie received word that another load of hay would arrive that afternoon. She off-loaded it and kept it in the field and went to the house to enjoy a quiet night of reading.

Sunday Winnie did not have library so she went to Sunday School. Choir practice afterward was fun and interactive. “Thank you Melanie and Deb,” she says.

Sunday afternoon after a nap, Winnie debated with herself whether or not to stack some of the hay. She decided she would and put up three fourths of the hay in the field into the stock yard. The last would have to wait for daylight on Monday. Again, a pleasant evening after a quick dinner — just what she needed before an early bedtime.