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Garland City is raising the fees it charges residents for garbage service, and is looking at coming back for another increase for those who have more than one collection can.

At its most recent meeting, the Garland City Council voted to approve an increase of $1 for the first can at each residence. The increase will not apply to extra cans at a given residence, at least not for now.

City officials said the increase is necessary because the city is facing increasing costs from two sources. The county landfill is raising its rates per ton of trash, and Econowaste, the collection company for the city, is increasing its rates as well.

The city hasn’t raised its garbage fees since 2010.

Councilmember Linda Bourne said it doesn’t make much sense to raise fees for the first can someone uses, but not the second.

“The landfill is raising its fees based on tonnage,” Bourne said. “If you have a second can, there’s obviously gonna be more weight in it.”

By not increasing fees for additional cans, she said everyone in town might want to get a second can, and that would likely mean more overall weight going to the landfill, which in turn would mean higher costs for the city.

Econowaste currently charges $8.95 per month for the first can and $5 for an additional can. The company charges less for additional cans because it is already going to a given residence each week to pick up the first one.

After some discussion, the council agreed that additional cans should also be subject to a fee increase, but decided to wait on taking action on that idea until they could consult with Mayor Todd Miller, who wasn’t at the meeting.

Instead, the council voted to approve the original resolution raising the fee for the first can at each residence by $1 per month, and could be back as early as this week to discuss a higher fee for additional cans.

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