Kris Udy expresses her appreciation to all of the volunteers who helped gather signatures to put a tax increase to the people for a vote on the November 2020 ballot. She is also grateful to all the people who signed the petition. The ballot will include the tax increase so people can express their opinion by their votes. Be sure to read the wording on the ballot.

Boyd Udy says the cutter races have been run on every other Saturday. This past Saturday was a no-race weekend. Boyd further says son Tyrell and his wife and son will be coming from Montana soon.

Boyd says he is very grateful for the slightly warmer weather we have all been enjoying lately.

Starr Mitchell picked up granddaughter Gabi from school last week and brought her home to relax before homework. How? She and little sister Madalyn went outside their home to a fresh patch of snow and played. They had enough snow for a little snowman and a few snowballs.

Starr’s brother Patrick invited the Mitchells to his home for dinner and a movie. Then he came on another day to Jim and Starr’s home for dinner and to watch a football game.

Jim and Starr went to visit good friends Frank and Lisa and had a great meal with them.

Starr comments, “It sure is muddy! It’s a reminder that spring is almost here.” Starr says Gabi likes the Christmas card Winnie Richman sent to the Mitchells. She put it on her desk in her bedroom.

Georgia Wheatley was glad to have her friend Jovi Esplin to her home for a few hours during the week. They had fun.

Laura says little sister Nora is showing some signs of jealousy over who talks to Mommy before her. “It’ll work out,” Laura says.

Everly Wheatley gave a talk in Primary Sunday and by all reports did good. Laura stayed home with a child who showed signs of having a cold.

Saturday, Laura’s sister JoAnn came to Promontory with her children. All had lots of fun. The youngsters had pizza for dinner and the adults had chicken and wild rice soup.

Orson Poulsen reports wife Jeannette was sick most of last week. She was improved enough by Wednesday to go to Salt Lake City to visit some of her family there. They had a good visit. She was almost completely recovered by Sunday.

Last week was Orson’s birthday. He says Jeannette gave him a really very nice western cowboy hat. He sure likes it.

Orson is looking forward to starting more work on his quilting cottage now that the weather is moderating. He pushed hard last fall to get it weather-proofed before relaxing on it for the bitterly cold days of winter.

Monday, Winnie Richman stayed home, and except for chores had a relaxed day. And even chores were enjoyable since her fattening steers are eating well again. The cows got a good look-over, and Winnie is beginning to count on a few calves in February. She hopes the weather will stay mild.

Monday evening after jeopardy, Winnie watched the phenomenal Jazz team win again. Hopefully the team will begin rebounding their own hucks at the basket — consistently — and win by even greater margins.

Tuesday after chores, Jim Mitchell came and helped Winnie feed the cows. “I am so grateful for Jim’s help. I can’t imagine getting on and off that tractor for every bale!” she says. “Thank you, Jim!”

After the cows, Winnie hurried, changed into town apparel, and went to town to deliver her column. She picked up four sacks of grain, and cat food for her cats. That evening, son Lyle came out to the Double S Bar and unloaded it. The Co-op is getting used to putting the feed into the front seat of Winnie’s truck without any blockage of her vision. “Thank you, Lyle,” Winnie says.

Wednesday, Winnie and good friend Carolyn Carter went to art. Carolyn did a terrific job with her new canvas, and Winnie made teacher-approved great progress on a special 8x10-inch canvas for a friend.

Wednesday from 8 to 10:30, Winnie watched the Jazz vanquish old rivals the Golden State Warriors by 33 points.

Winnie celebrated Thursday, Friday and Satuday at home with nothing but chores to do. Saturday at three o’ clock, the Jazz played again and beat the Dallas Mavericks. Aaron and April came. Aaron fed the cows and April helped Winnie with chores. All the time, Winnie was listening to the radio. April listened, too. Both ladies had a hard time understanding the announcer until the final call of “The Jazz win again!”

Aaron said they could only stay for a few minutes — until he began looking over a puzzle Winnie was doing. The three people worked on that and talked. By the time they left, the puzzle had all its borders completed and several spots filled in. “I am so grateful for all of their help on the puzzle and the other work, too,” Winnie says.

Sunday choir practice went well. The choir leader, Melanie Young, is doing a great job and our accompanist is great as usual. Her talent and suggestions are appreciated by all. And 10:30 is so easy for practice! When church is over at 1:30, we can all go home!

Aaron brought a friend and his friend’s son out for a little hunting Sunday afternoon. The young man was hungry and made quick work of a package of cookies. Winnie wished she had more to feed him!

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