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Boyd Udy took his team and a buggy on Friday to Shane Haviland’s place to give Shane’s daughter, Addy, a ride to the top of a hill in Avon for her wedding to Cody Hill. Boyd says “Congratulations to the bride and groom.”

Boyd was able to listen to General Conference both days. He also did other things around the ranch and in town to get ready for winter, and to get caught up on his fall work.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen drove to Salt Lake City to visit with Jeannette’s son and family on Saturday after watching the first session of General Conference at home. The couple did, after all, get to watch all of General Conference. “The talks were wonderful and inspired,” Orson says.

Orson says he and Jeannette are still doing work at Peterson Park. The park will be open for another week, and then will be closed due to maintenance work.

Both Orson and Jeannette have been planting tulip bulbs and crocuses around their yard. “They are little, and they sure don’t last long,” Orson says, “but I like them.” He comments on how dry the fall has been, but at the same time, he feels it has been a wonderful fall.

On Friday, Jeannette joined her friends at Marie Roche’s home for further instructions on crocheting, and found her doing yard work when they got there!

The Poulsen’s quilting cottage is nearing completion as Orson works on the wooden ceiling.

Laura Wheatley gave oldest daughter Everly a birthday party at home on her special day last week. Everly then had another party with several of her friends on Friday after school. They had pizza and a cupcake-cake to eat. Mrs. Wheatley, Sr. tended the other five children all by herself!

Nora Wheatley is now talking in three-word sentences. Daughter number six, Kyra, is standing by herself but not walking yet.

Zane Wheatley is enjoying his trucking business.

On Saturday, Winnie Richman hauled three old cows to Richard Holmgren’s place in Bear River City for him to sell on Monday. She then came home to change clothes and do early chores.

On Monday, Winnie met with Dr. Grunander to see about the pain in her knee. He said to wait until after her back surgery in October, but it did sound like he could and would do something for her.

On Wednesday, Winnie’s brother in law, Gayle, and his wife Linda met with other family members and Winnie at the home of Connie and Matthew Preece west of Ogden. A delicious meal was served. Gayle and Linda are headed to their winter home in California. All the family was there. Connie did a great job of preparing for all to have a good time. Matthew was her right-hand man.

The very next day found Winnie hurrying to Salt Lake City for another doctor’s appointment about her back. The doctor and his PAC were very comforting, and the doctor agreed to do it in the near future. Yes!

Friday found Winnie sleeping in until she had to get up to water her weaned calves and check other things to do with the ranch. She took a nap that afternoon.

Saturday and Sunday, Winnie watched and was educated by the talks at General Conference. It was wonderful!

Jim and Starr Mitchell feel they have come to the end of their gardening year. They have gathered in the rest of their vegetables, and will now till it and add new soil and old compost. Then, after breathing a sigh of relief, they will let it rest for the winter. Next spring, they will till it again. They feel the hot and cold of the winter weather will help break down the larger clods of dirt for them.

Granddaughters Gabi and Madi are doing great. Gabi loves school, especially her science class. She received a brand-new bike for her birthday and can’t ride it enough.

Madi, having watched Gabi’s fun, is now very eager to ride her trike.

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