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The Wheatley family has all loved the really good rain that they have had. They also noticed and appreciated the cooler temperatures.

The family had a picnic with Laura’s dad Dennis and sister Kris from Idaho Falls on Saturday. They came home before they were ready due to the threat of rain.

Once the county fair is over, the school-aged girls will begin school. Everly is in the sixth grade, Georgia is in the fifth grade, Ruby is in the second grade, and Kate is in the first grade. Laura says she will enjoy having the two youngest girls at home with her.

Sunday, the Wheatleys went to Zane’s parents’ home to celebrate a couple of their grandchildrens’ birthdays. Nora had her birthday there and at home. She had great fun and loved her birthday gifts. Laura says “It was awesome!” Nora is three now.

The Wheatley music lessons on the harp, piano and violin are going well. All are gearing up for their winter schedule of lessons every week. Everly is learning percussion at school.

Jim and Starr Mitchell are so grateful for the three inches of rain that fell at their place.

Gabriella started school as a third grader and Madi is in preschool. “Madi just loves it,” Starr says. Madi says “I am a big girl now.” Starr feels that Madalynn is getting a sense of responsibility, and even cleans her room without being told. She can now write her name and knows all her letters and numbers. She is a big four years old.

The Mitchells’ turkeys have grown to the butchering size. Some of the meat is turkey burger, and some has been bottled in chunks. Starr and Jim have also been busy making three batches of quart-sized tomatoes.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen were gone for about two weeks on a fun vacation. First they traveled to West Yellowstone, a journey of about 200 miles. They didn’t see Old Faithful due to road construction in the area; however, on their way to other parts of the park, they saw some deer, elk and bison. They did not see any bears.

The Good Sam Club is a national club divided into chapters, which they try to keep small. Orson and Jeannette belong to one of these chapters. They traveled with them the rest of their vacation. They sold much of their inventory. For their trip, the weather was, in Orson’s words, “Fantastic. It rained every night.” Some days the weather was really windy. The temperature didn’t get above 80 degrees in the daytime.

The Poulsen couple bought necessities for their inventory to make during the coming winter months. The traders they do business with have good prices.

Boyd Udy is a Box Elder County Fair man from the word “go.” He and daughter Jessica, and her daughter Kynzee, had entries in the draft horse classes. Jesse sat up so straight and tall as she drove her team in her class with daughter Kynzee on board with her.

Boyd says he is very glad for the rain. He says the ranch fencing is doing good. They hope to finish this year.

Winnie Richman is also very grateful for the rain at her place. It has brought grass all over. She is also grateful for telephones. When she was a kid, phones were a luxury. Now they are even mobile.

On Monday, Winnie sold a bull to Richard Holmgren in Garland. She hurried home to get ready to go to lunch with sister-in-law Gayle Richman at the Chuck-A-Rama in Logan. Winnie says a grateful thanks to Jim Mitchell for helping load the bull. It only took gentle words and determination to get it to hop right in the trailer.

Lunch with Gayle was very nice. The two girls got caught up on family news and decided they should really get together more often. Chuck-A-Rama is fun because of the wide variety of food at a reasonable price. Winnie went shopping at Kent’s. During her trip there, she was happy to see granddaughter Marriah Delacruz there, too.

On Wednesday, Jim Mitchell came and fed Winnie’s cows two bales of hay. They were grateful for it.

After feeding the cows, Winnie went to the Logan Temple to do some work for her sister.

On Saturday, Winnie went and picked up her horse at Mike Miller’s training facility in Collinston. She was being trained to lead. She looked real good.

Sunday church was relaxing. Choir practice afterwards was fun. There were several songs to prepare for September.

Winnie came home, did chores, enjoyed Aaron and April’s company, and went to bed fairly early. Aaron also fed two bales of hay to the cows. He said they came in, but were more interested in the sweet, green grass beginning to come up after the wonderful rain. “Thank you, Aaron and April,” Winnie says gratefully.

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