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Sorry I have missed visiting with you these past two weeks. I was ill first with what they thought was pneumonia and then I was also tested for THE virus! Wow, was that an experience! I had no fever, but had a cough. I guess that is all I had and it lasted for two weeks. I honestly didn’t know that you could cough ALL night lonGettg. Not much sleep there!

That’s what had the doctors a little worried. I finally had just had it and called and they wanted to see me. Talk about quarantine! Had to go in the front doors of IHC in Tremonton and walk. Well, I took a ride in a wheelchair, down to the clinic. Mask on, pinched at the nose, and then the fun started.

I have a great doctor, Dr. Crossland, who really is concerned about all of his patients. There was some fluid in my lungs and he decided to take an X-ray and also blood tests to make sure I did not have the “virus.” When they came to do the blood test, the masks had changed and they were metal masks, so I knew that they were serious!

Then I was wheeled back down to check in officially and pay money, of course, to have X-rays on my right lung. I have been in X-ray so much that the girls in there know me on sight. “Hi Lesley!” they said and we began the fun. I usually get a sticker, but I guess they forgot this time. The cute little girl that helped me was covered from head to foot. Starting at the top, a cap, goggles, mask and full robe — oh, almost forgot, and gloves. I on the other hand just kept wearing my mask, with pinched nose. The pictures were taken and then back to the doctor’s office. No pneumonia, no virus! He gave me some high-powered antibiotics and sent me home.

Well, that is what I have been doing the last two weeks. I hope all of you are not sick, and please be careful where you go and what you are doing. Like I said in my last article: BE AWARE!

If you didn’t know, the Box Elder School District is providing lunch for children 0-18 years old. Every child is included, even if they don’t go to school. It is a good variety of food, and a lot of it could be used as snacks throughout the day. The buses are delivering it to the bus stops and the child has to be present to receive the food. I think this is great! Teachers, administrators and staff are all helping prepare meals for the students.

I thought it was interesting that 867 lunches and breakfast grab and go bags had been made as of the writing of this column. Bus drivers drive their routes every day to deliver these meals. I know the parents so appreciate it! Meals will not be served during Spring Break (March 30-April 3).

One thing I love about living in Portage is the kindness and care that is shown to everyone. At least I hope everyone. We have been checked on and received so many calls to make sure that we are okay. Others have told me that they have received food from caring neighbors and their family sent them a huge box from the Salt Lake area. Our kids were calling from Utah and Arizona, and other families have said every one of their children have checked in a number of times.

We have been told for years in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to have supplies and food for a year. I think this pandemic has been a wake-up call for many, many of us whether we have been warned about it or not, and also to make us aware to be grateful for what we have.

A new baby girl was born to Aaron and Rebekah Beus. Her name is Jane and she and her parents are happy to have her here at last. She has a big brother, Spencer, and a big sister, Lydia. Congratulations to all of you!

I think everyone in Portage knows by now that church services have been canceled for the time being. It seems so strange to get up on Sunday morning and not to go to church. I for one miss the comradery of seeing friends and neighbors at that once-a-week meeting.

The town council meeting for April has also been canceled, and the Easter Egg Hunt this year. Darn!

Please everyone, be careful and safe and take care of yourselves.

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