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Kate Wheatley, daughter No. 4 of Zane and Laura Wheatley, had her first meeting with her harp teacher. She was given a small lap harp to borrow and to learn on until she is ready for a floor harp, which can stand alone. Her teacher showed her that the lap harp has only four octaves, and has strings of different colors that make different sounds from the other strings. She now practices the different colored strings.

Georgia Wheatley was great in the play “Annie,” according to her mother. She loved being in the play. There were four performances. A cast party was held after the fourth performance, which Laura helped with.

Everly Wheatley was greatly relieved of her babysitting responsibilities now that the play and all its rehearsals are done.

Kyra, daughter No. 6, is making more words all the time. She is proud of herself, and her sisters are proud of her, too.

Ruby Wheatley, daughter No. 3 in the family, is anxious to get her cast off, or at least dispense with the sling. She still has to be very careful, but she isn’t in very much pain now.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, Zane Wheatley helped his sister move from Arizona to Cache Valley, Utah. Laura and the girls went to watch the Deweyville parade. They did some fireworks that evening. All had lots of fun except for Jack, the dog, who was afraid of all the noise.

Jim and Starr Mitchell had their two granddaughters out just for fun for a few days. The little ladies loved being with all of Jim and Starr’s animals. They chased grasshoppers to feed to the turkeys. The turkeys are growing fast. Since the turkeys can’t sweat, they breathe fast, or pant. They are eating all kinds of insects, and are about ready for processing; however, the heat is really bothering them.

The Mitchells’ young trees are not doing very good in this hot weather. The couple is conserving water any way they can. The peach trees have some little peaches on their south sides. The apple trees have only a few apples at the present time. All are struggling due to the drought we’re having in Utah and the lack of natural water. There are no almonds on the trees. However, the garden is doing pretty good. The Mitchells have made several bottles of pickles from the community garden.

Starr says Ron Porter is doing good.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen drove to Salt Lake City to celebrate some birthdays there with Jeannette’s son and his son last Monday. They enjoyed their time there.

As part of their mission to Petersen Park, the Poulsen couple spent one day working there. The next day they were hosts to the campers who came there.

Orson says they are very glad to have the quilting cottage complete and open. He says business is coming. Yes!

Boyd Udy says that he and some friends are working on fences at the ranch. Some of the old fence must be torn out before it can be straightened and replaced. He says “It is hot work!”

Winnie Richman gives a grateful “Hi” to Utah Highway Patrol Officer Adam Walker, who gave her a warning ticket on her way home the other evening.

Winnie is thrilled to announce the birth of her ninth great grandchild, Adrian Eugene De La Cruz, son of Marriah and Ricky De La Cruz. Mother, father and new son are doing well. Brother Enzo will not trade him for anything!

Sunday, July 11, Winnie’s granddaughter Brittney Tello turned another year older. She will present Winnie with her 10th great grandchild soon.

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