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Laura and Zane Wheatley’s four oldest girls had haircuts last week. Laura’s friend did an exceptional job with her scissors. In addition to haircuts, the school-aged girls finished up their school clothes shopping. On Sunday, a runway was set up so the girls could have a fashion show to show off their new clothes to three of their grandparents. Sisters Kyra and Nora were allowed to walk on the runway, too. Treats were provided for everyone after the fashion show. The whole event provided excitement for all the young ladies. Laura says Zane is doing good, too.

Boyd Udy and friends say the fencing project is coming along real good.

Jessica and Kynzee were involved in getting ready for the Box Elder County Fair. Jessica drove a team of her father’s horses in one of the draft horse classes on Aug. 23. She was getting “practiced up” for it. There will also be a horse show in two weeks for the mother-daughter twosome.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen are still at their rendezvous, so they have not provided any news yet.

Winnie Richman visited the Utah Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in Brigham City to get numbers for her license plates. They are fast, well informed and friendly. In addition, several of the registration booths have printed funny stories on the walls. Winnie loves to read them.

Tuesday, Winnie’s dear father would have been 106 years old had he lived. She quietly celebrated anyway.

Tuesday, Winnie unloaded 36 bales of hay. The driver of the semi was Nick Newman, and he was kind enough to wait while Winnie stacked the bales in her small stack yard. He also kept the cows back from the hay so they wouldn’t loosen the bales before stacking them. “Thank you, Nick,” Winnie says gratefully.

Wednesday was Clynn and Winnies’ niece’s birthday. Winnie called her to say “Happy Birthday, Connie,” and to have an interesting conversation with her. She and her husband were coming home from their vacation at the time of the call.

The rest of the week was easy on Winnie. She did a lot of fun reading, and also some serious reading. Her house is somewhat cooler than it was, so it was nice to sit and read.

Sunday church was relaxing. Sunday school was well taught and interesting. Choir practice was fun. The choir is learning a new song to present in September. It seems it will be a challenge, but a beautiful one.

Winnie came home to change and do chores, and water her flowers. Before she climbed into bed, she prayed fervently for lots of rain and somewhat cooler weather.

Jim and Starr Mitchell took granddaughters Gabi and Madi camping to the High Uintas in their comfy trailer for three days. They took them fishing and caught many trout of different kinds. Among those kinds were some rainbows and tiger trout (a cross between brook trout and brown trout). Some of the fish were brought home for further use this winter. The girls didn’t want to leave. Madi said “No! This is my home now!” Jim and Starr say that all the water is very low, but the fish are hungry.

During their very busy week, the senior Mitchells made some more salsa and bottled some quarts of tomatoes.

Also during the week, Jim, Starr and Starr’s brother Patrick gathered some wood for their winter supply. Starr says “We are never bored.” They are very grateful for the recent rains.

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