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Zane Wheatley family stayed home for Christmas. A delicious breakfast was served to the parents and five very excited children. After breakfast all opened presents together.

During the day Zane’s parents came to the Wheatley home with presents for everyone. The opening was fast by all concerned.

Sunday evening, Denis and Susan Hendricks arrived with presents for all the Wheatley family. Again, the kids were excited. All opened their gifts together. Afterwards Denis read the wonderful and traditional “Grinch” story. After the story all had a great dinner together.

It must be said here, Nora, 16 months old now, enjoyed touching everyone’s gifts. However, she is at the age at which she likes to touch everything anyway.

The rest of the week the Promontory Wheatleys just laid back and enjoyed themselves.

Christmas Eve found Jim and Starr Mitchell along with Starr’s brother Patrick and son Steven, his wife Ashely and their two daughters, Gabi and Madi at their church’s Christmas Eve service. After the services they all went to Steven and Ashely’s home for an “amazing” (as Starr says) dinner. After dinner gifts were opened.

Starr reports that the Mitchells are celebrating The 12 Days of Christmas. Patrick has been with them each night for delicious dinners.

Jim and Starr are making sure all their animals have plenty of food, bedding, and water to help them through this very cold snowy weather.

Orson and Jeannette Poulsen report they had “a very nice Christmas.” They visited several family members in Salt Lake City.

Orson’s daughter Kristel Minnock, her husband Jimmy, and their son Jesse came from California and stayed with the Poulsens for several days. They arrived in good time for Christmas Eve, and stayed through Saturday for Orson’s mother Joycle’s family Christmas Party. The family is big enough to have it at the Thatcher Penrose Church’s Recreation Hall.

Christmas dinner was served at Orson and Jeannette’s home in Penrose to themselves and the Minnocks. Orson says he did not have a squash pie ready for dessert this year. Orson and Jeanette attended the Thatcher Penrose Second Ward’s Christmas Program and said it was beautiful and moving.

At Thanksgiving Winnie Richman told daughter in law April that she couldn’t “do” it all again for Christmas; could the family meet at her and Aaron’s home for Christmas dinner. April said “yes” BUT Winnie would still be asked to provide cooked red cabbage, green beans almandine, and cooked and mashed rutabagas, also what kind of pie could she bring? Winnie chose pumpkin.

All veggies were prepared Tuesday, while she was mixing, the pumpkin pie filling, according to the directions on the back of the can, Winnie kept thinking, “I know I had to use four eggs in this last year...” when she finally compared the amount of pumpkin specified in the recipe to the amount of pumpkin on the front label of the can, she realized she needed to double everything in the recipe on the back of the can. She avoided a huge disaster by doing just that. The pie according to all who had a piece, was delicious. “Whew!” Winnie thought.

Winnie enjoyed the meal at Aaron and April’s home. On the way home, Winnie reflected “This will be the first time in many, many years that I have had to do night chores on Christmas Day!” However son Aaron had come just as she had changed into work clothes and told her to go into the house and wait, he would do chores. He also fed the cows in the field four bales of hay, cut a bale for the bulls and made sure the six heifers and an old cow had plenty of hay in their feed-through. Then he stopped in and chatted with Winnie, apparently not in any hurry to go back to Brigham City. Winnie went to bed early, tired but happy.

Winnie has to back here to mention the beautiful Sunday Sacrament Program. She had invited all her children and their families to come, “it will only be an hour, the songs are extraordinarily beautiful, and I have a small speaking part; I would appreciate your support.” As she entered the chapel and went immediately to the choir chairs she was keenly disappointed not to see any of her family. As she was leaving the chapel to go home, son Lyle appeared from the back row, she welcomed him with a huge hug! Several members of the congregation also shook hands with him. “Oh Lyle, why didn’t you tell me?” Winnie asked. “I wanted to surprise you,” He said with a smile.

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